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Mary Magdalene Festival and the Power of Celebration

Now I want to share with you how this program came into being because it is such an incredible story that elegantly demonstrates the power of celebration and joy being fertile ground for creativity, clarity and abundance.

If you have been following me at all you know I live my life and make my decisions based on intuition and Divine guidance. In fact, I won’t schedule a program without it. This goes against what I have learned from many marketing expertsin that they stress the importance of offering the next program while the previous program is about to end. This doesn’t work for me for. As a Divine Transmitter there is a natural creative cycle that I must attend to, which is to allow myself to fill up with energy, downloads, consciousness until I am overflowing with joy and it is time to pulse these teachings out into the world. Often times they tend to come in multiples 2 or 3 offerings/forms at once and then a pause.



As you may have noticed I have been in the pause part of the creative cycle, spending time in France, enjoying my time with Friedemann, hiking, meditating, renewing and writing. And I have been asking what would be of greatest benefit to people during this extraordinary time of 2012? In fact, I had been asking quite often because I have been soaking up so many juicy vibrations, wisdoms, downloads here and I was feeling the immense benefit and infinite potential that will come from sharing these energies and perspectives. Yet even after showing up in meditation several times and asking my intuition and guidance, I was getting lots of great possibilities and themes yet nothing was taking form.

Until Friedemann and I took a sacred pilgrimage to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to join the festival and celebration to honor Mary Magdelane. This town is where the three Mary’s arrived from Egypt via boat to the shores of France. Every year they take the statues out of the church and into the ocean. This procession and sacred ceremony was common in ancient Egypt. The statue of the Gods and Goddesses would be taken out of the temple to visit other temples and bless the people.

We arrived early in the morning and took our place on the wooden benches in the church. Soon after it was standing room only as hundreds of people of all ages created an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. As the rituals of the catholic church were taking place in French, I dropped into this amazing state of meditation and got the most exquisite and detailed download of the next incredible programs to offer, starting with 5 days with the Masters, Unity Joy Camp. It just came to me while I was in the energy of celebration and joy.

Then we joined the procession following the statues out of the church into the ocean. I was swept up in the beauty, grace, joy and celebration of the moment and found myself in the ocean in state of bliss and joy. The moment was exquisite and incredibly transformational and one I will always remember with great awe and delight.

Why did I want to share this story with you? Because when you break down my creative process it demonstrates that the clarity and guidance came to me when I was in a state of joy and celebration. And it was overflowing with grace.  Taking time to relax, do things you love, take a vacation, nourish your soul are all fantastic strategies to gain clarity and expand your purpose.

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