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March Energy Trends

ThothThis is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are delighted to be continuing to explore the energy trends for 2017 with you and to provide up to the moment frequencies and vibrations to support you on your journey.
March has the potential to be a month of quantum evolution, meaning that you can use this month as a doorway to enter into consciousness that creates on multidimensional levels in communion with your wholeness and totality. What if you stopped trying to grow in increments yet went quantum? What if you expanded into more of who you are as a Creator Being and created worlds through your beingness? Please enjoy this audio transmission to find out more about the energy trends for 2017 and tips to support you on your journey.
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March Energy Trends 

We are delighted to be continuing to put out the call for those of you who will join us for Divine Light Activation in France, Divine Light Activation II/Quantum Light in Sedona (now accepting application) and A Weekend with Thoth in Sedona (we will let you know when the ticket booth opens again for this event) and are placing Evolution Matrix Spring Equinox on the altar.
We look forward to continuing to co-create an evolution in consciousness with you and acknowledge all that you be, do and have.  

Divine Light Activation


~ You have the awareness that you are a Being of Light incarnate
~ You hold keys of awakening within your system
~ You sense that you have a role to play in the evolution in consciousness
~ You are choosing to participate from the place of equality and equanimity
~ You long to be matched at the full breadth of your Divine union
~ You are ready to live multidimensionally
~ You recognize that the contribution you have to share is in the realms of energy, frequency and vibration

Divine Light Activation II

Quantum Light Practitioner Training gives you a skill set that you can apply to the vision that you carry as a Being of Light Incarnate. That way you can express it in a way that is bespoken for you.

  • Prefer to use it personally for guidance, healing, decision making, evolving your consciousness…you’ll be trained to do so.
  • Want to go pro and provide readings, sessions, coaching, sacred sites journeys for others or businesses you’ll be ready to do so.
  • Passionate about the evolution in consciousness, buildings, sacred sites, animals, the Earth, Beings of Light and want a way to contribute more, QL creates exponential contribution.

Access Origin Source Codes and Quantum Entanglements to span beyond time and space

Illuminate your Brilliance by States of Advanced Light Body Coding

Foster Vessel Creation or Temple Building through Sacred Architecture


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