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~Our Gift to You~ 

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Be the Magic of You

6-Day Unity Consciousness Event of the Century!


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You can’t get here from there.” ~Thoth

  • You have an awareness that this time on Earth is extraordinary and is calling you to step into another realm of consciousness, one of absolute union with the magic of you.

“The easiest way to navigate the shift in
consciousness is to be you full out” ~ The Council of Light


  • You are aware that the key to it all lies within you, that you know what is best for you, that your unique access to your divine wholeness and the joy of being you full out is your launching pad to ease, purpose, abundance and love.

There is more to be garnered from living in Unity Consciousness

(joy, love, unity, abundance, purpose)

than there is from spending another moment in a repetitive pattern

of Separation Consciousness  (fear, doubt, lack, illusion).”   ~The Divine Council

  • What would your life be like if you were in communion with you? If your top priority in 2015 was to take a stand for being the magic of you in wholeness? Do you have an awareness that any form of separation from yourself creates a dis-connect from your totality and the magic of you? 

Sun above Earth


2015 is a pivotal year in which (if you choose) you can liberate yourself from being a diluted version of you in order to BE THE MAGIC OF YOU. This is the year to take the biggest risk of your life to be you, nothing more, nothing less. As you embrace your totality fully your bandwidth expands to include your multidimensionality and you are able to live the life you were designed to.  



Have you experienced any of these separation consciousness patterns?
  • Giving away your power
  • Caring more about what other people think or want than what is best for you
  • Playing small, hiding out, hesitating, pulling back
  • Fear of going for what you want because you might be ostracized, killed, disappear, be all alone
  • Doubt, second guess yourself, lack of clarity
  • Want to do something different yet find yourself in the same situation over and over again
  • Having a competing commitment (inner conflict that what you want most is actually what brings up all your fears and doubts)

Do you ever feel?
  • You are different than 99% of the people that you know
  • That because of the differences you see in yourself and those around you, you thought there must be something wrong with you
  • A gap between what you know to be true on an intuitive or spiritual level and the way that you operate or experience your reality
  • That you have done something wrong or you might do something wrong yet you can’t really put your finger on it
  • That if you do live your life for you others won’t like it

Are you ready to?
  • Live the magic of you unapologetically, claiming what is yours to be, do and have?
  • Be in synch and full on acceptance with your Divine Design?
  • Widen your connection to your soul, energy body, multidimensionality so you are Re-Sourced?
  • Commit to your path of spiritual and conscious evolution 100%?
  • Focus on your internal environment so that you are in a state of equanimity in any situation?

divine transmissions
We are on a mission to support those of you that are asking
to cross the threshold from holding back to showing up powerfully in the world for you and for the shift in consciousness. We are gathering as a team of Light Beings with you as a Light Being because that is the level of potency that you truly desire.

Remember you can’t get here (Unity) from there (Separation), meaning that living in Unity Consciousness won’t be experienced from living in Separation, so whatever you are using as the reason to not be the magic of you full out is keeping you separate from you.

We are taking a strong stand for you to move beyond what is holding you back into the awareness of your wholeness, oneness and expansive nature.

Are you choosing to join us for the
Complimentary BE THE MAGIC OF YOU 6-Day Event?

Here is our itinerary
Video 1 Day 1
Support: Meet your Divine Team of Light Beings
Video 2 Day 2 Choice: Access the Power of Your Capacity to Choose
Video 3 Day 3 Magic: Be You (nothing more, nothing less)
Video 4 Day 4 Actualization: Activate Your Capacity to Create
Video 5 Day 5
Unity Consciousness: Be in Union and Connection
Audio 1 Day 6 BE THE MAGIC OF YOU 75-Minute Audio Transmission

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