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Multidimensional bilocate

This is Thoth and the Intergalactic Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are celebrating many shifts in consciousness that are happening on the Earth Star at this time. One of which is a shift from being bound to the finite experience of self as body, mind, emotions connected to a linear time and space to experiencing self as multidimensional.

This shift to multidimensionality continues to include experiencing yourself through the filters of your mind, body and emotions yet also experiencing yourself through your Infinite Self. This includes your luminous light body, your intuition, and your capacity to be connected to the multidimensional spherical nature beyond time and space. As you are multidimensionally connected this lends itself to much expansion and light evolution. As these shifts have occurred and continue to be chosen by some and not by others, there are some light technologies that come forward.

For example, a light technology that has been a part of Divine Transmissions offerings for quite some time that is now becoming even more of a path to evolving consciousness is bi-location. Meaning that as Divine Transmissions come through while connected to a physical location that Danielle, your Divine Transmitter may be in, they are simultaneously available on a global level. An example of this is the possibility to participate in the Divine Light Activation through bi-location.

We have guided Danielle to offer a 3rd Divine Light Activation this October through bi-location only. For as the vibration of the Earth Star evolves then you are able to access consciousness through your Infinite Self that then deepens your connection to Divine Wholeness. Bi-location is a way to be in 2 places at once, with the added ease of not having to change your schedule or travel and still get the benefits of participating in the consciousness. There is a potency that happens from bi-location. A contribution that the bi-locator adds and receives.

For example, if the Divine Light Activation bi-location program is transmitted while Danielle is physically present in France and those that participate are located in their homes then the contribution of the Divine Light Activation widens. It becomes a sacred geometry that includes not only the sacred sites in France yet also wherever those that are participating are located.

As you may be aware of the old ways of being have fallen away and new and innovative ones are coming forward. What the evolution in consciousness is creating is an opportunity for you to reclaim the frequencies and vibrations that are unique to you and your system. This is a shift from awareness of self as finite to awareness of self as multidimensional, as a Being of Light incarnate. Bi-location is a way of enhancing your multidimensional muscles and the light technologies that you are connected to.

We wanted to transmit this to provide more information about bi-location as a way of modeling an example of what is available now that the evolution in consciousness is happening. How does it change your daily life? What else do you have access to that you haven’t previously?

We are delighted to be communicating with you in this way and will complete this written transmission at this time.

Divine Light Activation

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