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Join Us for EMBODY IT

higher selfJOIN US for EMBODY IT in Southern France. This 90-Day Environment is steeped with innovative energies and light technologies that awaken within your awareness the deeper meaning of your life. You have always felt different, like you are waiting for something, or that you sense a greater impulse of creation within you than what you are experiencing.
If there was one thing that you could do that would evolve all things in your life, it is the becoming of who it is that you are Divinely Designed to be, what we are calling your Divine Light Mission.
The important differentiation here is that it is not about changing who you are, or letting go of who you are not, it is about amplifying your essence in the arena of physical actualization. We will do this together through light activations, meditating, hiking and creating that which expresses your Divine Mission.
Those that are called to this potent retreat will know it is something that you have left for yourself to find. You will recognize it as a match for something that you have been asking for in your life.

Have you been asking to…

—>  Access your connection to Source in tangible ways?

—>  Create your life consciously?

—>  Be able to cross the threshold of having ideas, to be able to turn them into    

—>  Play in the realm of energetically creating into physicality?  

—>  Become the most potent version of you?

—>  Embody your soul, signature essence & live multi-dimensionally?


This 90-Day environment will provide a context that beckons your full-dimensionality to be stabilized into your life. You can think of this as embodying your Divine Light Mission (that which you are on an essence level and that which you came to be, do and have) and also a calibration to the next evolution in consciousness.

Here are some of the shifts that are possible:  

  • You utilize your energy/divine connection to consciously create your life (rather than struggle, doubt, fear, worry).
  • That which you know is possible becomes inevitable, this includes the actualization of love into form.
  • You create from universal consciousness, which generates tangible results in your body, finances, projects and life.


This is a very special invitation to connect with Thoth, The Council of Light, and the Divine
 in-person and remember how to realize your full self in form through light and divine consciousness.

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