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January 2018 Energy Trends

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2018 Energy Reading & Cosmic Stargate Attunement

Here is some of what we explore:

  • 8 Dimensional Energy Reading of 2018: Direct access to 2018 energy themes, trends, tips and tools to position your year to be extraordinary.
  • Cosmic Stargate Attunement: Tap into the unique, bespoke, cosmic energies to buoy you to surf the wave in 2018.
  • Group Akashic Records Reading: Amplify your gifts and talents, unlock your innovations and complete outdated ways of being.

2018 is going to be a GINORMOUS dimensional leap in energy and consciousness. If you thought 2012 was a biggie, hold onto your magic wand cause 2018 promises to be off the charts. 

January Energy Trends Video: Be the Ascended Master Incarnate Embodying Your Adeptness

Energy Transmission

  • Calibrate to your areas of adeptness and access the vibrations you require in this potent video transmission.
  • Light Language transmission from Sanat Kumara, Melchizadek, Rose Panel (including Isis, Mary Magdalene, Hathors, and Jeshua).
  • Golden Stargate, Emerald Tablets, and Akashic Records open so you can access the vibrations that will support you this month.

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