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Ignite Your Business with Mentoring from Thoth

Danielle thoth imageDo you have a soul centered business or are you feeling guided to create one? Would you like to receive direct mentoring (complimentary) with me Thoth and the Council of Beings of Light to amplify your results in your business?

If so, click here to fill out the questionnaire to apply for a makeover or upleveling of your current business or a lightning activation to bring your business idea into fruition.
If you and your business are chosen we will provide direct 1:1 mentorship with you on the upcoming call:
Ignite Your Business with Mentoring from Thoth
on September 12 at 8am-9:30am PT.
When you submit your responses… 
  • You will receive a free ticket to the upcoming call and access potent energies to support your business.
  • Be considered for 1:1 mentoring with Thoth and the Divine Council during this live call.
  • Receive a 72-Minute Prosperous Soul Audio Transmission with tools to boost your Divinely Guided Business.

We hope you will join us for this call and allow us to support you to ignite your business through customized divine guidance.  LEARN MORE HERE

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