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Divine Transmissions


Ignite Your Business with Mentoring from Thoth
REPLAY from September 12 LIVE Call

PS title onlyThis is Thoth, The Council of Light and the Money Venus Beings of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. Thank you for being a part of the Ignite Your Business Mentoring call, your contribution is greatly appreciated. Would you like to continue to mentoring with us? We have a special invitation for you and your business to explore. Your purpose and prosperity are two arenas where you can evolve on a soul level as well as contribute to others evolution. 

We are available to mentor and partner with you as an equal to provide energy, consciousness and practical guidance for you to fully turn on your birthrights of abundance, intuition and purpose. That way you are being and doing business as you based on your direct connection with your divine guidance, your team of light beings and your business.

• Ready to explore?
• Ready to open the treasure chest and see if what we are placing on the altar is yours to be, do or have or not?

We invite you to read more about what adding us to your board of directors for your business could be like. [If you’ve already visited the Prosperous Soul page from the link mentioned in the preview call that ended in .html this was a previous evolution of the Prosperous Soul program.] We are placing the current evolution of the Prosperous Soul with 3 levels, Emerald, Citrine and Diamond on the altar for you to explore here.The doors of the Prosperous Soul 6-month program for Your Divinely Guided Business are now open!


If you are called to join us and you choose to do so before September 29 you will receive an early registration bonus Day with me Thoth on the Merchant Priestess.

This 4-part audio transmission is an invaluable asset to you and your business for it is transmitted while Danielle is embodying me 100%, which vibrationally concertizes the energy field for the day with the invitation for you to embody you as Source consciousness 100%.

All is well and you are all,

Thoth, The Council of Light and the Money Venus Beings of Light

P.S. When you register before September 29 you receive a very special bonus day with Thoth on the Merchant Priestess as embodied by Danielle 100%.

P.P.S. Emerald Guidance, Citrine Guidance and Diamond Guidance are on the altar of the 50-yard line. Are they on your treasure hunt list of what you’ve been looking for? (Only 5 Citrines spots and 3 Diamonds spots available). Learn more here.