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If You Had a Magic Wand

If you had a magic wand would you…
  • Have supersonic clarity?
  • Live from your Divine Genius?
  • Be a steward of the new money consciousness?
  • Share your gifts and talents full out?
  • Be divinely matched, eye-to-eye, peer-to-peer, divine-to-divine?
  • Create through energy and consciousness?
  • Experience magic, ease and speed of light in creating whatever you choose?
  • Be surrounded by your dream team?
  • _____________________?

The Prosperous Soul journey is about to begin in 3 weeks.

What if choosing it is picking up the magic wand you have within you? What if choosing it is no longer living with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake? What if choosing it is no longer creating success through “heavy lifting” of tons of hard work, sleepless nights yet using your consciousness to create with ease.
You don’t have to live with the push/pull any longer around wanting more than anything to share your gifts and talents and live your purpose fully and then also being terrified, confused and feeling like you’re doing something wrong when you make strides to do just that. You don’t have to go it alone any more, or create through blood, sweat and tears and long sleepless nights.
Your consciousness and connection to Source has a more efficient and expansive way to create through ease and purpose. Prosperous Soul is dedicated to you prosperously sharing your purpose in Unity Consciousness.
Ready for 1:1 Diamond Guidance (1 spot left)?
Ready to Create and get stuff done with
the loving midwifery support of Citrine Guidance?

Ready to Complete patterns of self-doubt, fear and holding back and share your purpose prosperously through Emerald Guidance?


YOU ARE THE MAGIC WAND that you’ve been waiting for.

We, the divine, Council of Light are delighted to partner with you to unlock all the power, potency, purpose and prosperity you have within you so you can contribute what you came here to be, do and have fully, nothing more and nothing less.

Prosperous Soul starts November 3rd. Ready to start or up-level your divinely guided business and contribute your gifts and talents?

Choosing to pick up your magic wand, greater ease and accelerated abundance?

Go here to pick your gem up off the altar of the 50-yard line of equanimity.

Register before October 15 and
Receive 3 POTENT Bonuses!

Receive these 3 must-have tools specifically created for
Prosperous Spiritual Entrepreneurs to amplify your


MONEY MUSE TRANSMISSION FOR SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEURS The Money Muse ~ a panel of light beings ~ shares this divine transmission to amplify your money and purpose now. This transmission is specifically designed for spiritual entrepreneurs and will skyrocket your success and your financial abundance.
SOUL LINEAGE ACTIVATION Ever wondered how you could tap into your gifts and talents from past lifetimes and the lineage (the path) of your soul? This Soul Lineage Activation is designed to free up your purpose so you have access to the full realization of it in this lifetime.
AM/PM GUIDED MEDITATIONS FOR SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEURS AM: Start your day connected to spirit, with clear intention and manifest awesomeness with ease and grace. PM: As an entrepreneur passionate about your purpose, it is important to create mental office hours so you aren’t overworking and overextending. Consciously complete your work day, you’ve done enough, you are enough, now it is time to pass off your to-dos to source.
to ACCELERATE and ENHANCE your 6-month experience.
Be sure to REGISTER before October 15!

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