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I am in LOVE

Divine Light ActivationI am in love with the Being of Light that got co-midwifed in May called the Divine Light Activation. This 22 activation evolutionary sequence, a pathway to reclaiming being a Being of Light Incarnate, is rocking my universe (in a good way). I love each and every one of the activations that got birthed and as I connect with them as a whole, I am riding a wave of consciousness that is leaving me humbly in awe.
I’ve experienced and created a LOT of cool stuff in my life and Divine Light Activation has quickly risen to my top 5 list in this incarnation so far. As I continue my love affair with the Divine Light Activation sequence I am called to go deeper, to get to know each individual activation and the entire sequence even more intimately.
I am deeply appreciative to the 4 beings who traveled to France (3 in person and 1 bi-located from home) for the part of the sequence that they contributed that allowed these activations to be unlocked. This Being of Light, DLA, loves to co-create, move and play. To be combined in different orders for different perceived dis-orders and from what I sense is a vast opus of consciousness.
I have been guided to dedicate the 2nd half of 2016 to continuing to give birth and co-midwife the next evolutionary cycle of the Divine Light Activation sequence and have another Divine Light Activation scheduled in September 2016. I am putting out the call for Divine Partners, cosmic playmates and co-creators of the next evolution of DLA to step forward and share your contribution. Is answering Yes to this call yours to be, do and have or not?
There are two ways to partner for the Divine Light Activation in September, by coming to France in person or through bi-location, joining energetically from the comfort of your home. The next group of 4 beings that come to France (in person or through bi-location) are midwives of consciousness and have a role to play in the larger evolution consciousness. The charge/Divine Light Mission for this second wave of Divine Light Activators is to take the sequence further and more deeply and in particular consecrate each of the activations as Temples of Light in France. To consecrate 22 Beings of Light incarnate, as Temples of Light.
Are you feeling called to contribute your part of the sequence to this 22 Divine Light Activation sequence and get in on the love and light of this consciousness? Now is the time to apply as September is just around the corner and registration will close mid July. Go here to find out more and download details about the journey and how you can apply.
Check out what the Divine Light Activation Team of Light Beings have to say about September’s Divine Light Activation in the below invitation that they’ve placed on the altar of the heart of equanimity.

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