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How to Navigate Life’s Ups and Downs

The Council of LightYou may have noticed in your life—perhaps more so recently—that there are times when you feel like you are making progress and times where no progress is visible. In this chapter we will explore what these different periods mean to you, and how you can best position yourself to be ready when the time comes for change.

Trusting the Cycles of Your Life

We invite you to relax into and trust the process of the cycles of your life. There may be days where you are very busy and other days where you are less busy and less is happening. However, there is the same amount of potential and growth that is occurring in days that are busy and days that are spacious.

In this moment we invite you to become more aware of the cycle that is happening in the unseen realms, particularly during the times that are more quiet. In some ways it is like the arcade coin pusher game that you may have played as a child where you have a coin that you would put in a slot, and you would try to place it so it lays flat next to coins that are already in the game. Then as the bar that slides left to right comes into contact with the newly positioned coin it creates a momentum that pushes the money off to the side (and ultimately into your pocket). Things in your life are inching into the direction of coming down the chute; they are getting closer at times when you take an action and others when you don’t need to take an action. Both aspects of the cycle of life create more momentum and traction through which things can manifest into physical form.

We are describing a bit more in detail the qualities of the energy of manifestation to assist you in understanding the importance of all the cycles. Ruminating, what you would call waiting, and things not happening as quickly as you would like are all important, because that is when things are lining up, organizing, and coming into the next vibration of density so they can come into physical form. The process of moving something from inspiration into form is one in which a vibrational shift occurs. The idea or energy of money is moving more quickly than the manifestation of money. By honoring the cycles in your life and adding the energy of joy you can move energy from the ethers into physical form.

Everything Has Importance, Significance, and Purpose

Imagine that every time you have wanted more money you have accrued more money in an energetic bank. In fact you have millions of thousands of dollars in your energetic bank. Yet how do you cash the check of your financial etheric bank? It is similar to the critical mass that we have discussed in the coin game; everything lines up and then it comes into form. It is based on the principles of quantum physics as well as all that you know about vibration, sequence, and divine order.

Right now, imagine that today there is not so much that you have to do. You could go to the movies, talk to friends, lie on the couch, read a book, meet with us, work on an appreciation journal, work on projects, or do many, many things. On a day like today it is not so much about doing what is visible or pressing but more about using your inner guidance to choose what activities to do. Are you choosing to do things that bring joy, that feel peaceful, and feel enlightening, or are you choosing to push forward and take action just for the sake of taking action? Are you feeling impatient or are you feeling patient? Are you feeling happy or are you feeling sad? These are all parts and parcels of things and on some days like today, going to the movies, relaxing, having fun would be that perfect placement of the coin that would kick everything off. On a day like today meeting with us could also be that perfect coin that kicks everything off. On a day like today taking a nap could be the perfect coin that kicks everything off.

Choosing the Now to Lead and Guide You

We are verbalizing something that you have known for quite a while, which is that everything has importance, significance, and purpose. The many facets of expression and experiences are equally important and equally significant. Yes, there are some events and some moments that create a quantum leap or quantum momentum, yet it is based on the day-to-day movement and the momentum, back and forth. It is the action of putting the energy in, putting the coin in, and seeing where it falls and how it impacts everything else.

You can also do things that are on your mind, do things that feel like piddling around, that you know would enhance your quality of life, especially when you have the time to do them. For instance, doing laundry on a spacious day is different than doing laundry when what you need to wear tomorrow is in the dirty laundry. Working on a long-term project on an open day is different than working on it when you have a deadline to get it out tomorrow. There is a relaxation to the doing that has a different quality. There is also a lot of power and potency in doing things under a deadline, which we like to call a joy-line.

However, in the scheme of things, to operate from a place of ease and grace and do things when you have free time, from that place of slowly getting to it and relaxing into it, is a nice way of doing things. It is different than all or nothing. The other thing that is nice about this is that you are doing things as they are coming up into your awareness. It’s not artificially planning what it is that you are going to do. Imagine that this morning you felt like lying in bed a little longer and you did, you felt like calling a friend and you did, you felt like meeting with us and you did. This unfolding experience of inner guidance is different than preplanning that tomorrow from nine to ten o’clock you are going to do this and from ten to eleven o’clock you are going to do that. There is an allowing for the now to be the leader in what you are choosing to do, and as you are choosing the now to lead you and to guide you there is an alignment that occurs—an alignment with your energy being focused in the now.

One of the benefits of doing things when you have the space to do them rather than in an accelerated or condensed, deadline-oriented format is that it allows you to simply be in the now. It allows you to focus on the thing in the now without any challenges. For example, you need to get your house ready to sell for a move sometime in the future. You know that you need to paint the house and get rid of some of your belongings at some point, and you don’t know when that is. It could be a year from now or it could be a week from now. It’s something that needs to be done and doing it in advance—because it is something that you would like to do—allows it to be completed for when it’s needed. You become ready even if it is not time to move forward, which brings you further along your path. It’s like taking action as you feel called positions you right on the edge of being pushed into this chute in the game, rather than being five or six steps away.

As you are living your life from your intuitive plane, following your guidance, and letting your activities be dictated by what you are feeling moment to moment—and what seems to be important moment to moment—then more of those things are right on the edge of manifesting from nonphysical to physical. It’s like you are moving all of the coins halfway over the ledge so maybe all it takes is a lovely time with your friend or spouse at dinner to push things over.

Positioning to Be Ready for the Next Phase of Your Life

How does this work with money? It is similar to what you have been doing with the above exercise as you become a person whose house is ready to go on the market. As you become the person that is abundant then you are right on the edge for when the money comes in. You’ve already become and you’ve already taken the steps that it would take to move from where you are to being that person that would have that level of abundance.

When it’s time for it to drop in you are right there ready. You don’t have to go through, “Do I deserve this, am I ready for this, what do I have to do to make it happen?” You are already primed. You are being positioned on many different fronts to be ready for the next phase of your life. This is a good day to rest, to be in, to play, to be in the present moment, and to have all of those options that you are looking for—allow yourself to be where you want to be. In choosing your activities you set the tone from the inside out.

Trusting the Process

There is also a trust in this level of being where you know that you will be able to have enough of whatever you need at the time. If you need time you will have it, if you need energy you will have it, if you need resources you will have them. Sometimes as you look at what you could do on a particular day and if you want to hang out and relax, one thought that can come up is “If I am not doing something ‘useful,’ am I maximizing the time that I have been gifted? Do I trust that there will be enough time when I need it, that I can use this time for something that will bring me pleasure? Do I trust that there will be enough money even if I am not making money today, even though I know that there is that infinite supply of money?” The cause and effect of taking time to enjoy, once you get the hang of the concept, is that it is through joy that greater health, wealth, and happiness happen. It is through your alignment with the higher vibrational energy of play and bliss and relaxation that you’re in alignment with your dreams. Add joy and pleasure to your to do list and watch how your success skyrockets.

The concept of positioning is highly beneficial to embrace, for knowing that you do not always need to be going, going, going, doing, doing, doing is key to the changing times. There will be times that are more accelerated. There will be times that are more compressed. There will be times that are more fluid and expansive. Today could be one of those days that is more fluid and expansive. One of the benefits that you receive from your work with us is the greater understanding of the role of joy in your health, wealth, and happiness.

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Excerpt from The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul By Danielle Rama Hoffman

© Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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