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How do you keep support out?

Divine Transmissions

It is I Thoth and Sanat Kamara, a member of the galactic council of light, that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. As you are aware of, this time on earth is one in which there is a revolutionary awakening that is occurring. This awakening is one in which you are reaping that which you have sowed in previous incarnations. As such it is a time in which there is ample support available to you, including the support of your soul and multidimensional self as well as the support of Light Beings such as ourselves.

With that being said the old paradigm of separation or tribal consciousness has/had a high value on doing things alone. That programming may still be active in your system and be the very thing that is keeping out the support that you have been asking for and choosing for your new way of living from Unity and collaboration.

Take a moment now to identify the energy behind the patterns you have to keep support out. Perhaps there is an idea that if you are supported you are vulnerable, incapable or somehow in a position to be taken advantage of. Or that if you have support, like ample resources, that you will no longer be motivated to carry out your soul’s mission. Or that if you open up to support there are strings attached. Whatever your ways of keeping out support are just tune into the energy behind these ways.

Ask yourself are you ready to access the support that you have called forth into your life. If you are then say out loud YES! Let this yes be what transmutes and alchemizes the energy behind the ways you keep out support so that you can make a new choice.

We often say that there is more to be garne red from living from Unity Consciousness (love, collaboration, abundance) than there is from repeating another repetitive pattern and living from separation consciousness (lack, fear and separation). Now bring your awareness into your heart center and in particular the back of your heart center, one of the most highly receptive areas of your system. Ask to now receive the support that you haven’t received that is yours to receive at this time. Allow a few moments in the silence.

Not accessing the support that you have asked for is like ordering a bunch of packages to be delivered to your door and then moving before they arrive or walking by them every time you leave the house yet not unpacking them. Now is a time to evolve yet with the support of your soul, higher self and if you choose, Beings of Light. Take the time that you would like to come to a place of completion with this activation.

We are placing on the altar of the heart Divine Transmissions offerings, notice Thoth’s Magic Academy being placed on the altar, Divine It in France Love Infusions Sacred Site tour being placed on the altar, the Energy Support Program being placed on the altar. Are these offeri ngs lighting up for you? Are they yours to be, do and have? Is this the support that you have left for yourself to find at this time?

We would invite you to follow the energy of accessing support in 2016 and beyond.

All is well and you are all.

Thoth and Sanat Kumara

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