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How can I connect to the Divine to accomplish my purpose?

Q: “How can I be free from my physical body at will to communicate with divine universal beings that recharge and direct my spirit to help me accomplish my purpose on earth?”

A: We, the Divine are moving more into the forefront of this Ask the Divine Transmission. We have chosen this question because it illuminates this newsletters theme of connecting and creating and because it is fun for us to interact with you in this way.

We would start our response by saying that each person has a unique way of connecting (communicating), so it won’t be the same for everyone. However, we would point out that you may find it easier to connect to “divine universal beings” by being in your body more fully. This may seem anti-intuitive at first yet rather than “leaving your body at will” you are going more deeply into your physical form to connect to the Divine. Yet after you try it by perhaps, focusing on your breath, or listening to your heart beat, you will find that this supports you in accessing deeper connection to guidance.

After you have spent a few minutes connecting to your body we would invite you to call upon your higher self, the part of you that knows how to communicate between the you that you mostly associate yourself with and your soul or light body. You can take a few deep breaths from your higher self (about an arms length above your head) down into your heart and back from your heart into your higher self.

Now ask to connect to those 100% love and light beings and then wait. Allow your sensations, notice what it is that you may be feeling, seeing, hearing or knowing. After a few minutes then ask for a word of symbol to connect in the future to these beings of light.

If you want to keep going with this you can ask a question about how to support your purpose and what you came here to accomplish? Then just allow your sensations again. You may have an awareness of what it is that is streaming forth within you and you may receive it at a later time.

This is a very specific formula for connecting and we invite you to customize it for you. Maybe for you it would work best to connect in your dreamtime, to ask a question before going to bed and then state that you will know the answer when you wake up.

Or maybe through writing or meditating. Or perhaps you will have an inspiration while running or gardening or in the shower or driving. Regardless of the way you connect what will maximize this process immensely is your choice to pursue your inner knowing, your inner guidance.

We often find that many people wait to have an ‘aha’ moment rather than taking an active role in accessing that consciousness. You are a creator being, you know what is best for you and you have 1000’s of signals that are leading you in that direction each moment and each day.

We will close this Ask the Divine transmission with another simple tool, which is to just take a moment when you are deciding something to tune into how you feel. Usually you will have a sense of what feels the best. Then just practice following or choosing what feels the best and see what happens.

Thank you for your question and for interacting with us in this way.

The Divine Team of Light

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