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Be You Re-Sourced 

You’re committed to your personal and spiritual growth and have overcome many obstacles and challenges. Yet there are some areas of your life that no matter what you’ve tried—and you’ve tried many things—you haven’t created permanent changes. You experience some type of lack (not enough money, energy, clarity…) and may be stuck in a negative emotion or pattern (fear, anxiety, confusion…). You are ready to move beyond separation consciousness (lack) into Unity Consciousness and be Re-Sourced!


Express What You Came Here For

You’re purposeful, intuitive, empathic and have a unique contribution to share with the world. You are an author, entrepreneur, healer, visionary (or would like to be) or your mission is in transition (retiring, kids off to school…).  You have an inner calling to express what you came here for. You are ready to bring in a body of work (maybe it is a book, business, movie, program, art, CD, project…) and spend the rest of your life focused on what matters to you. calling to express what you came here for. You are 


Awaken Your Divine Genius

You’re extraordinary, a conscious being, a visionary, a leader & you’ve achieved & experienced amazing things. You’re already thriving (financially, spiritually, &/or professionally), yet you know that you’ve been holding back. You have a dream you haven’t realized yet, a state of consciousness you haven’t embodied, an Opus to download or a legacy to generate. You are ready to Awaken Your Divine Genius—your brilliances, your Divine Design, your fully realized self—for the fun of it. calling to express what you came here for. You are