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Enjoy benefits of an Egypt Sojourn from Home



HOLOGRAPHIC EGYPT: The benefits of taking a spiritual pilgrimage to Egypt are many. People on our tours have created profound physical healing, connected deeply to spirit, opened their psychic and healing abilities, fell in love with themselves, boosted their self-esteem and confidence, lost weight, changed their careers, expanded their gifts and talents, opened their heart, created deep and meaningful relationships and much more.  Regardless of the specific benefits received, each participant came home a different person then when they left and universally felt more like their true and expanded selves.

These benefits happen because the sites hold consciousness and as we travel to them we unlock an energetic transmission specific to our personal evolution which sparks remembering, awakening, transformation and growth. And yet not everyone who is called to Egypt is able to make the journey. I am being guided to bring Egypt to you by offering an energetic journey to Egypt.

To participate in entire 15days of energetic downloads email me your picture and send a payment of $44.95 (see below for payment methods). While in Egypt this May 9-23, 2010 I will create an hologram of energy each day and at each sacred site and place your picture in the hologram, downloading the energetic transmission to you from the sacred sites through your picture.  I will send you a copy of the itinerary so you will know what sites you are working with on what day.  There will be two components to the download as it will be active 24/7 for 16days a 12hour night cycle each day and a 12hour day cycle.  This means during dusk to dawn in your time zone, while you are winding down and sleeping, the most active part of the transmission will occur.  During dawn to dusk the integration period will happen.

So for all of you who have been saying for years you want to come in my suitcase, now is your chance.  For those of you who have been to Egypt before and want to receive an upgrade of what you previously experienced, now is your chance.  And for those of you who had no interest in Egypt, yet are feeling the call to participate in this unique program now is your chance.  See below for details.

When: May 9-23, 2010
Where: Egypt’s Sacred Sites & The Comfort of Your own Home
Cost: $44.95 for the entire 15 days of Energetic Downloads
To Register:
Email a picture of yourself to danielle@divinetransmissions.com and provide payment via credit card @ https://secure.hostmonster.com/~remembf9/order.html or mail a check to Divine Transmissions Inc @ 813 16th Ave, Seattle WA 98122.
Deadline: To participate payment and picture need to be received by May 1st at the latest

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