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I am celebrating this year by gifting you with a free ticket to Divine 2 Divine, a 24 day journey with Thoth and an expanded Council of Light.
Here is the scoop…in 2011 while in Egypt at the temple of Dendera (dedicated to the Goddess Hathor) I held my hand over a relief of Thoth (the God of Infinite Knowledge, Keeper of the Akashic Records and my Divine Partner in life and in Divine Transmissions). In a matter of minutes I downloaded decades’ worth of consciousness to be shared in a Light Being School. I had visions of courses being taught by the Ascended Masters, Councils of Light. Having guest speakers come in and much more.
Part of the curriculum has been birthed and is available through Thoth’s Magic Academy, Divine Light Activation, Quantum Light Practitioner Training, The Tablets of Light… While other parts of the Light School are germinating, being translated, decoded or are currently on record “behind the scenes”.
About two years ago Thoth gave me the download and invitation to create conversations Light Being to Light Being. Where I would Divinely Transmit Thoth in conversation with another channel who would transmit their guide and the conversation would happen between Thoth and Mary Magdalene or the Council of Light and the Arcturians. Wow, this was a conversation I wanted to be a part of.
I’ve had a ton of amazing mentors, way showers in body and I have to say some of my most accelerated growth has come direct through Light Beings and guides. Either through my direct connection or through adept channels. Although I was super excited about the idea, I was very clear that I only wanted to do it if it was going to be exquisite, a dynamic contribution and calibrated to the highest expression possible.
Fast forward to today’s announcement. Thoth has gathered a Council of 24 who are partnering with us to be guests on the extended Light Being School faculty. I am delighted with the council that has gathered and joyous to be sharing lifetimes of higher wisdom in an easily accessible format.
%$firstname$%, you are invited to join this Council of Light gathering ~ Divine 2 Divine: Channeled Conversations to awaken multidimensional living as a Being of Light Incarnate. And it is all FREE.
It takes 21 days to change a habit. Imagine what you could create in 24 Days, 24 Hours with the Divine as the Divine.
Feeling called to join us? Check it out here and get started today with two gifts from Thoth and the Council of Light.
With love and purpose,
With love and purpose,
Thoth and the Council of Light
P.S. Your FREE ticket to this life changing event includes a beautiful Gift Basket from the Council of 24. Grab two gifts now and start your shift into multidimensional and awake living TODAY. Claim your free gifts and register HERE.
P.P.S. Know someone who would love to receive this gift? Pay it forward and send them to www.Divine2Divine.com. Ready to take a Quantum Leap in Consciousness? To live as the embodied Divine Being of Light Incarnate? Curious about what 24 dimensional living is all about? Check out Divine Light Activation here.

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