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Your Divine Team

Danielle Rama Hoffman

Danielle Rama Hoffman is a divine transmitter and scribe of ancient and innovative wisdoms for the purpose of elevating consciousness and inspiring personal growth. She is a leader in the shift into unity consciousness, living from joy, purpose and prosperity as divine creator beings.

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Divine Partners of Light




Thoth, the Egyptian God of infinite wisdom, architecture, scribe and keeper of the Akashic Records is Danielle’s business partner, friend and co-facilitator of Divine Transmissions offerings, programs and products. Connecting directly with Thoth is an opportunity to access your inner wisdom, infinite possibilities and to become who it is that you are designed to be, fully realized and Divine.




The Council of Light are an intergalactic group of thousands of light beings whose purpose is to enhance the vibration of joy and therefore health, wealth and happiness in those that are choosing this path. Members include Thoth, The Venus Ray, The Emerald Ray, The Golden Stargate and others. Divine Transmissions programs may call forth additional Divine Partners of Light. These Guest Speakers include Infinite Oneness (Source), Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Isis and others.


Client Care Team

  Tara Dunion works behind the scenes to seamlessly handle Divine Transmissions operations so that Danielle is able to do what she loves—offering her Divine Genius. She is our goddess of technology and handles the distribution of Divine Transmissions programs, newsletters, blog posts and website updates. Tara is also the exquisite personal client care assistant for all programs, products and email inquiries. In addition to her nurturing and eloquent responses to every email that comes to our inbox she also takes care of keeping our digital world organized.