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“In a few short months, I made more money on a program I created using Prosperous Soul tools than I did working for two years previously on another program.”
tmp2679When I began the Prosperous Soul program I was in “Survival mode” I was afraid of not having enough and not be able to work more, burned out and resentful with all the work I have done. I can say that today I feel emotionally and financially independent! This is something I wished for years. I jumped from survival… to feeling rich. I created a new program from a place of guidance, connection and the knowledge that it was already successful, and it was. I have a new relationship with marketing, with my business, and I am more joyful in my work. I have a sense of support and confidence I never had before.
I have an incredible sense of being of value and gave myself permission to put myself first and be supported. I lovingly ended a 15 year marriage and moved to a gorgeous new one bedroom home in Costa Rica, with someone to clean it for me and cook me dinners while I am working. I feel more connected with my higher self, with Oneness and with my gifts and talents. The Prosperous Soul step-by-step material combined with the personal attention, love and dedication from Danielle 
and the Divine Team were an invaluable support to me during an incredible transformation.

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Monica Garaycoechea, M.D. (Doctor Monica)

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“I am out of hiding and doing what I came here to do!  Published my book, amazing opportunities coming my way & the reward of watching my work change people’s lives.  I am so grateful!”

MadelineEyer9Before DBA I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Despite working diligently to clear whatever blocks were showing up, I felt uncertain and fearful about being seen, sharing my gifts and knowing what form they might take. The Divine Birthright Activation program was exactly what I needed – a concentrated boost of work to support my next steps.

The opening and growth that occurred has moved me out of hiding and into sharing my gifts. My desire to serve is now much greater than any fear could possibly be.

Newly inspired about how to take my ideas and gifts from thoughts into form I wrote and published my first book, Essential Green Smoothies. In only a few months 800 copies have been sold and the impact it is having on people’s lives and health has been profound. One woman shed 17 pounds, another is 40 pounds lighter and their families are all getting healthier too. There has been story after story like that and it is really rewarding to know my work is helping people improve their lives.

In addition to the clarity I received and the opening to move forward, I was also able to accept what was possible as a result of my natural capacity to connect people to one another. I learned to trust more and not feel like I have to be in charge of or control everything. The results have been support and opportunities flowing from previously unimaginable places. I was invited to share my work with a group of 100,000 people, a woman bought 200 copies of my book in bulk, I have received a number of invitations to speak at events, and a different organization of conscious folks just asked me to share my work with their audience.

I really love working with you, Danielle, and am so grateful for the programs that you offer. Your work has had such a significant impact on me and my ability and willingness to do my work in the world. Thank you. I am out of hiding now and loving it!

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Madeline Eyer

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“Discovered my soul’s purpose, wrote a book, attracted awesome ideal clients and am launching my new business program and website in two months!”

DT about-kelly-maloneI’m a writer and editor. I’ve always struggled with living large, being seen, and putting myself out there. I’ve wanted to stay in the background, and let people discover the light I was hiding under a bushel. After taking Danielle’s Prosperous Soul class, I now want to step forward. I like shining.

Danielle’s class taught me to trust and listen to myself and my team of guides, to feel when I was out of alignment with my purpose, and to nudge myself back into place. The six month class was a roller coaster ride—I was frightened, I lost certain clients that were no longer a fit, but I also attracted new ones who were. Then I attracted more.

I love to help people broadcast their passion. And if writing isn’t their skill or favorite thing to do, well, it’s mine, so I can help them. Since taking Danielle’s class, I’ve edited and helped write client’s websites, newsletters, blogs, and books. I love what they’re doing, and I get excited helping them spread the word about their work. I learn a lot. We laugh a lot. We get a lot done.

Now, I manifest the work I love more quickly, attract clients I enjoy working with, and have a wonderful time. Oh, and by the way, you know what my life’s purpose is? To spread joy. I think that’s a pretty great purpose to align with.

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Kelly Malone
WordsUp Communications

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“Since my family and I started the Energy Support Program, we have experienced an abundance of life enhancing moments.”

52My husband is joyfully and fearlessly entering into the next phase of his life. He successfully sold his 23 year business and is now starting a new consulting business which originated from his new deep love for helping people heal in the “plant medicine” world. He has made the commitment to us all to connect more deeply and spiritually with his family.

My 13 year old son has taken up the guitar entirely of his own accord, composing his own songs and playing on stage fearlessly, passionately with no self-limitations. Our daughter has grown into a confident young woman. She too has found great joy in music as she is now learning to play guitar as well as sing.

Personally, I feel the “yes” coming forth from my lips in situations where in the past I was not confident to stand up and say “yes”. This new version of me has propelled me into greater success. I went from concept to actualization with my work, sharing my art with the world while making a good income from doing what I love.

I organized a trek to Peru with two friends and discovered a personal strength within, both physically and spiritually. For the first time, I was able to stand up and fearlessly talk to others about the energetic component to my art~light language, what it is and how it heals.

Thank you, Danielle, for your continued energetic support!

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Irene Ingalls
Light Language Art