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From Striving to Thriving

Every New Year’s Eve my beloved husband and I spend time writing, celebrating and intending. This has become one of my favorite days of the year, we eat wonderful food, we walk a labyrinth and we appreciate the previous year and open the way for the year to come. One fundamental aspect of this writing exercise is choosing a theme for the next year. In 2010 my theme was thriving. Thriving in all areas of my life.

Spending an entire year on this subject was an interesting process. I realized that I had deeply habituated ways of being and thinking that were identified in survival consciousness. In just getting by, or settling for what I thought I could have rather than what I really was seeing for myself and my purpose in the larger scheme of things. And as you might imagine every aspect of my life that was out of resonance with thriving (in separation consciousness or survival mode) came to the surface as it was being included back into the oneness.

I wrote down all the things I was tolerating in my life. And I systematically worked my way to clean up the areas I was tolerating. I got rid of broken items, clothes that didn’t fit, and slowly replaced items that I had that worked ok, but weren’t really ones I loved. And I also did a lot of meditating, energetic alignment and in general fully claimed my alignment with wholeness, with oneness, with unity consciousness.

Now I am truly thriving not striving. I have shifted and my life reflects this shift. I am sharing this with you because what I am noticing now is that I am free to focus on my purpose, on my gifts, on my service in a completely expanded way. Whereas before I was living my purpose, yet I was also spending a lot of time thinking about not having enough energy, not having enough money, striving for the next accomplishment and a kind of getting by pattern.

And as I find myself in this new territory on infinite possibilities I realize that this is a muscle that would be beneficial for many to develop. To spend time and energy and focus on inquiries like these~ What is life like in ease and grace? What is life like beyond struggle? How would I spend my time if I know anything is possible?

Here is a quick thrival consciousness tip:

  1. Commit to shifting any aspects of your life that are in survival mode into thrival mode. You may even decide to write down the things you are tolerating and complete, delete and clean up these items (you can do this in your mind as well as in your physical environment.
  2. Decide, choose and claim your birthright of unlimited abundance.
  3. Decide, choose and claim your decision to anchor fully into unity consciousness (into thrival consciousness).
  4. Each week spend time telling a friend or loved one your successes for that week.
  5. Each week and each day spend time deliberately visualizing the next week or day unfolding the way you would choose it to go. What things are going to happen and how will you feel as they are happening?
  6. Allow your life to be different then it was yesterday, last week, and last 10years.
  7. Spend time and energy and focus on inquiries like these~ What is life like in ease and grace? What is life like beyond struggle? How would I spend my time if I know anything is possible?

Frankly, there is more to be learned from moving into unity consciousness and thrival consciousness than there is to repeat a repetitive pattern of lack another time. Own that you have learned everything from things not working and give yourself permission to explore what life is like when things are.

In service and with joy,

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