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France Vibes

This month, France has been extraordinary!!  I’ve had the joy of spending 10 days with an intimate group of 5 Scribes. We began our sacred sojourn with a 3-day Mary Magdalene sacred site visit, followed by a week-long scribes retreat in the heart of Provence. Our time together was multidimensional and magical, each day feeling like a week+ of experiences that spanned across lifetimes.

Some of my favorite memories were:

  • Embodying the Council of Light to transmit individualized hands on initiations to support each Scribe in reconnecting to her direct access to Source.
  • Receiving energetic support from nature as we hiked meditated and scribed in magical forests.
  • A private horse drawn carriage ride to visit the Ocres mines, stopping for a beautiful picnic under the trees, while enjoying one of many yummy French meals.

We shared laughter, tears, expansion, magic, evolution, co-creation and so much more. Our sacred agreement on a soul level to come back together at this time was both individually exponentially transformative and an amazing interchange and contribution intergalactically. Thank you scribes for your devotion to midwife your bodies of work with Source—You rock!

Now, I am leading a semi-private 13-day pilgrimage to the sacred sites in France. We are following the Path of the Venus Light, a conscious connection with galactic consciousness that had been placed on the Earth to be awakened at this time. Venus is associated with Opulent Bliss.  It provides a pathway for light codes that support those of us who choose to remember and reactivate being divinely embodied beings of light, incarnate.
If you had a chance to tune into the Embody It video, you have heard about my past life role as a part of getting this consciousness to Earth. Now these tablets of light are being unlocked and accessed. Including the consciousness of feeling at home in your own skin (absolute authenticity of being), embodied high heart consciousness, multidimensional living and more.
Now is a time of pioneers, way showers, visionaries to discover, embody and express the hidden knowledge and consciousness within. Creating bodies of work, books, art, music—is a pathway to direct this inner knowing out into the world.
I am delighted to put out the call to join the Divine Council and me in France this September for Embody It~A 90-Day Environment to Embody your Divine Light Mission. Let’s hike, meditate and create your greater yet to be into embodied form.

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