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Flex & Flow: Tips to Navigate the ever-unfolding NOW!

More than ever we are encouraged to live in the NOW!  Yet how do we incorporate NOW consciousness in situations where advanced planning seems to be required?  And how do we align with the gift of the present when everything is accelerating and rapidly changing? 

For me this year has been filled with last minute changes, unexpected circumstances and long time plans shifting like sand in an hour glass. This continual unfolding of the now moment has brought to mind the inevitability of change that we all experience. I have been thinking back to my earlier years in business where I made 18month calendars and 10 year plans, to now where I am guided to plan much more in the now or what I like to call being on a need to know basis. Some events that I plan do require advanced preparation like a sojourn to Egypt, others are much more spontaneous like the topics for my monthly group sessions. The internal shift for me in planning is that rather than intellectually deciding or forcing a goal or an event I allow my life to be my message and plan according to inner guidance or intuition. Basically I make decisions in the now moment with the information/intuition I have and then as the future now moment unfolds I adjust accordingly.
This now moment planning has been working well for me, however recently I have noticed an increase in previously planned events shifting and changing moment to moment. It is as if the energy of things are changing so rapidly that as I arrive to the now moment of an experience the energy is in a different place then when I planned it and I have a choice to make. What seems to help the most is to show up, be present and pay attention to what is happening and then adjust. My dear friend Dr. Marj Britt calls this “Flex and Flow”, be flexible and flow with the highest stream of energy available in the moment. 
Here are some tips that can help you navigate the ever-unfolding and changing Now moment:
  • Pay attention: If you notice something not flowing or working, stop and take a breath and re-assess.
  • Assume That Everything that is Happening is the Best thing that could be happening: This creates an energy of trust and helps you align with the now.
  • Be Flexible: Look for the ‘silver lining’ and allow the moment to reveal itself to you.
  • Go with the Flow: Adjust your energy, focus and action to be in the stream of well being that is always present. 
As things continue to accelerate you may notice your whole way of operating changing, that your old strategies fall away and you are encouraged to incorporate new ones. You may notice that when things aren’t working or plans change that even something better consistently comes out of those situations.
Wishing you wonder-filled now moments and hoping our future now moments bring our paths together once again.
with joy and presence,

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