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Five Steps to Align With You

Five Steps to Align With You

Now is a time of great awakening. Many are feeling called. Time has accelerated. Light is expanding.

One step in this awakening process is aligning with what is true for you, and your broader perspective (your soul, your essence, your divinity). In order to do this, there is an energetic recalibration that is occurring. One in which you are being invited to look within and put the spotlight back on you, your life, your dreams, your thoughts, your actions. To be in a state of inner alignment, individualized unity.

Five simple steps to energetically calibrate and align with you:

1. Pay attention to what it is that you are focusing on and how you feel when you do.

2. Consciously choose thoughts, feelings, activities that bring a sense of joy, peace and freedom (create a list so you have it on hand to refer to).

3. Concentrate on yourself (let others focus on themselves).

4. Let go of activities that scatter your energy (yup, even that one).

5. Focus on a few areas that are important to you in a more concentrated way. This will create a sense of consolidation in your energy field and in your life.

This supports you to shift from a non-cohesive vibration to a harmonic vibration. Want more support in navigating the changing times with ease and grace? Join this month’s Group Divine Transmissions, Group Divine Transmissions, Empowered Relationships & Loving the Now.

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