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February Energy Trends 2018

This is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are delighted to share with you this month’s energy trends below. You require frequencies and vibrations that aren’t in your life at this current time. This month is a call for you to position yourself to be in alignment with those energy streams.

For that exact purpose we are bringing together a Council of 24 channels/Beings of Light to provide an accelerated path of awakening. This event is unprecedented and will be opening the doors of mystery school teachings and high vibe consciousness that had previously been hidden or required lifetimes of devotion to access. And it is FREE! Be on the lookout for our Divine 2 Divine announcement coming soon.

In the meantime, we wanted to share a bit more about this May’s Divine Light Activation. The group that is gathering are among what we would call the original Architects. Those that had a hand in creating Earth and other civilizations. The Earth Star is in a process of recalibrating her Sacred Architecture, her holograms, lay lines and sacred geometry to include a closer communion with galaxies and stars that are beyond her solar system.

In addition to the profound benefit the Divine Light Activation program is to those that choose it on the individual level, there is also an immense contribution to the Earth Star and Unity Consciousness. Each time we have offered the Divine Light Activation program it has sold out. If you have been feeling the call to join us we invite you to submit your application soon. Accessing Divine Light Activation now also positions those that are called for Quantum Light Practitioner Training, a light technology to actualize the extraordinary, that begins in July.

What if 2018 was the year you positioned yourself to be spending the rest of your life expressing your gifts and talents fully? What if Divine Light Activation was the key to what you had been asking for? Would you choose it?

In the meantime, enjoy this month’s energy trends video transmission below.

Divine Light Activation

Thoth, The Council of Light, Sanat Kumara, Golden Stargate and the Venus Ray of Opulent Bliss come forward for this month’s energy trends.

  • February is a 2 month, 2018 is a 2 year, this month is a microcosm of the energy of the year.
  • The first two weeks in February are about Positioning and repositioning yourself and your life to be connecting with those optimal experience, individuals and opportunities. (You can read more about Positioning and the Venus Ray in The Council of Light).
  • The second two weeks are about your Oracular Vision, the vision you carry. You can read more about Oracular Vision in The Tablets of Light.

Access this Light Language and Energetic Transmission to support you in moving into greater possibilities from a state of feeling relaxed, in the flow and in a state of trust.

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