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5 Keys to being a Manifestation Master in 2012


In 2003 Jeni Miller and I were guided to bring in a body of work (direct from Source) known as Manifestation Mastery.  To me, manifestation is the capacity to bring energy and inspiration from Source into materialization. It is a shift in vibration, in frequency from one form into another, much like water shifts its molecules to be steam or ice depending on its temperature.

Mastery refers to our inner capacity to embody, own, align with our inner signature energy, essence or divine frequency. Mastery takes on many forms, yet when we are in a state of mastery we are in a state of vibrational coherence. This mastery, vibrational coherence, feels at times neutral or detached (the capacity to transcend slower vibrational emotions such as fear, insecurity and doubt) at other times it feels charged, powerful, a force of energetic palpability.

Mastery combined with Manifestation is the key to inner and outer alignment. It is the formula of being in a state of flow, wellbeing and bliss. It is the divine process of becoming re-Sourced.

Manifesting and Mastery are both energetic journeys, meaning to bring spirit into form (materialization) you must go on an energetic journey. Some speak of this energetic journey as one of positive thinking, affirmations, visualizing your end result. For me this energetic journey is alchemy, awakening, and alignment through the process of inclusion. Including the slower vibrational energies into the higher vibrational energies (for at the base everything is energy).

Personally, I believe the crux of the shift in consciousness of this time is Divine Awakening. Awakening as the divine beings that we are, which includes vibrationally accelerating our thoughts, feelings, body…a soul/body fusion, a merging of spirit and matter, a bringing together of spiritual and material as one. If we look back on the water analogy with the steam representing spirit and the ice representing mater, water in its liquid form is the unification of both steam and ice, spirit and matter shifting molecules to be in the same location.

Manifestation Mastery moves you to the same location as that which you desire to create in your life (health, wealth, happiness, time). It is a vibrational journey, a step-by-step process and a spiritual practice that provides tools, empowerments and activations to align with your inner power, truth and divinity.

Here are some simple steps to enhance your Manifestation Mastery in 2012, which are covered more deeply in the 6 wk Manifestation Mastery course that begins on January 5th. To find out more about this powerful program and to register go here.

Keys to being a Manifestation Master in 2012

  1. Daily Energy Practice: Develop a daily practice to raise your vibration
  2. Receive: Imagine that everything you would like to manifest is right outside your door and all you have to do is open the door and let it in. Developing the mastery of receiving is how you open the door. Develop practices that open you up to be a Mastery Receiver. Examples, take a deep breath when someone compliments you, hold checks or money you receive to your heart and receive it fully into your life, let someone help you with something.
  3. Ease and Grace: Set your intention to experience your day with ease and grace. If you are struggling with something, take a break, go for a walk and come back to it from a new vibration of relaxation, ease and grace.
  4. Decide that Spiritual is Material and Material is Spiritual & you can have what you want.
  5. Nourish your body, mind, emotions and soul: You are multi-dimensional and in order to be a manifestation master you need to have vibrational coherence between your body, mind, emotions and spirit. If you tend to ignore your physical body and meditate all the time, make a practice of nourishing your body. Or if you are in your head, make it a priority to get in touch with your feelings…

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