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You’re purposeful, intuitive, empathic and have a unique contribution to share with the world. You are an author, entrepreneur, healer, visionary (or would like to be) or your mission is in transition (retiring, kids off to school…). You have an inner calling to express what you came here for. You are ready to bring in a body of work (book, business, movie, program, art, CD, project…) and spend the rest of your life focused on what matters to you.

At this stage of consciousness your biggest dream and your biggest fear are the same, to express what you came here for. You are here on purpose. There is no one else exactly like you. What you have chosen to express in this incarnation is unique to you and this lifetime. You may call this your life purpose, you may call this your soul’s agreement, you may call this bringing in a body of work, you may call this being a mom, friend, wife, entrepreneur, author… Yet regardless of what you call it, one thing is certain if you are reading this you are committed to expressing what you came for. You have probably reached a stage in your life where you have had an aha moment where you realize that what you want to spend the rest of your life being and doing is what matters to you the most, is what has meaning to you.And at the same you have probably bumped up against some well-meaning roadblocks. Perhaps these are limiting beliefs like who are you to write a book, or be in love, or share your gifts. Or perhaps they are more amped up than that, that if you do what you came here for you will be ostracized, killed, rejected, cease to exist, lose love, lose security, go crazy…So instead of going after what you really want you may find yourself filling your time with that which doesn’t really matter to you or starting and yet not completing projects. Or even worse people pleasing, being stuck in patterns of trying to live your life as someone other than you and for someone else.

At some point and perhaps that point is now, it is no longer acceptable to not realize your purpose; it is more uncomfortable to stay where you are then to move forward into the unknown. That is why expressing what you came here for is a priority for you. You are willing to go through whatever appears to be holding you back and get what you know is bubbling inside of you out.
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Divine Light Activation
In-Person & Bi-Location Available

An Evolutionary Sequence of 22 Light Activations to Actualize the Vision You Carry as a Divine Being of Light Incarnate ~ Reunited with Multidimensional Cosmic Consciousness

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Thoth’s Magic Academy
June 21, 2017 ~ June 22, 2018

Be You Full Out Anchored in Unity Consciousness
A Year and a Day Video Program

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Divine Light Activation II + Quantum Light Practitioner Training

July 15, 2017—January 15, 2018

A Light Technology to Embody, Midwife & Accelerate Divine Wholeness with, as and for the Actualization of Source Consciousness & the Extraordinary

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