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Exponential Growth/New Business Name

womensunsethomepageistockHave you ever had the feeling that your life has become too small to fit the person you have become? Almost like trying to wear a coat that is a size too small? This is a feeling I often experience when I return from a journey to Egypt. I have evolved so much that when I return home, I have outgrown my ‘old’ life.

Therefore, I am not too surprised that with the publication of The Temples of Light, a global virtual pilgrimage through Egypt’s sacred sites, that I experienced the same sensation. This feeling of expansion and an inner calling led to the renaming of my business from Remember to Breathe Inc. to Divine Transmissions Inc.
Actually it was as if the business renamed itself, the name kept coming to me over and over in my dreams, while hiking, in meditation~yet I had grown to love Remember to Breathe and was a bit reluctant to move into the new name. Upon more reflection it became clear that one developmental phase of my life/career had ended and another had begun and that the name change, new logo, new colors, new website…were simply an affirmation of the transformation that had already occurred. Check out the new look www.DivineTransmissions.com

Are there areas of your life that feel in need of updating in order to be current with who you have become? Is your life an expression of your essence, your values, your soul’s gifts and talents? I encourage you to ride the wave of exponential growth into the new and to allow the tide of the old to go back into the source of all there is.

Since a central part of my mission and what makes me happy is being a conduit of ancient wisdom, (tapping into a field of infinite knowledge) and transmitting this divine consciousness to inspire personal growth and expand consciousness, Divine Transmissions is the perfect name for my business. I love the multilayered meaning to the word Divine, of course meaning Spirit, but also meaning extremely pleasant; delightful , beautiful and magnificent. And Transmission meaning sending a message or the radiant energy that passes through a substance. Paired together, Divine Transmissions expresses the essence of what I offer whether it is through sessions, sacred travel, books, CD’s or essences.

With deep appreciation and gratitude for Remember to Breathe Inc. and a warm welcome to Divine Transmissions Inc.

Wishing  you a wonderful, fresh and quantum year of growth and personal evolution.

Thank you for all of your support.

Danielle Rama Hoffman

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