Divine TransmissionsDivine TransmissionsDivine Transmissions

Excerpt from the Prosperous Soul Guidebook

Chapter One

Structures and Vessels: The Skeleton and Juice of your Business Vortex

We the Divine would like to start this first chapter of this sacred text, for it is an energetic journey that we are providing here, one that unlocks within your genetic make up your divinity codes for success. As you are reading allow all of your sensations so you are entraining to the deeper vibrational calling that is embedded in this text which is sacred union with self and Divine. You are the Divine and in this new era of consciousness you are able to tap into all that is in alignment with your divinity, including your birthrights of abundance, intuition and purpose.

Our focus here together is to undo that which you have done that creates a sense of resistance to your natural state with ease and grace for all levels of your system. This is an energetic journey  from where you are to where you want to go. We know that where you want to go is simply an unfolding of your inner Divinity, that the success that you want whether that is money, health, wellbeing, joy, love, visibility, support, nurturance, or anything else is simply an inner call to align with Source (which just happens to be you as well). To align with you, all of you, the Divine you, the scared you, the unified you, the lack filled you, all of you. All of you.

Now the interesting thing about a spiritual business during this time on the planet is that it is an unprecedented opportunity for personal growth. In that you can see that your spiritual business is an awakened state for you to be walking into each and every moment. It is a path for the hearty, for the one who is choosing to unfold into the unity of all there is. Now as you are reading allow yourself to relax and receive for although we are sharing wise words it is more the vibration that is important at this time.

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