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Are you ready to SAY YES to LIFE
Actualize Your Dreams to the next level?
 Evolution Matrix
Join us for Evolution Matrix

Winter Solstice


This Evolution Matrix is happening during an especially potent time on the planet and in the multiverse. 

  • Ready to open up to access consciousness, light technologies and communion with Source in new and evolved ways?
  • Are you choosing to continue 2018 positioned for what is yours to be, do and have with support? 

What is Possible? 

Have you ever noticed that you tend to wake up expecting your day and what is possible for you to be a lot like yesterday?

Are you aware that you are carrying with you outdated and expired ways of being, beliefs and feelings (that may not even be yours to begin with) that stop you from being current with who you truly are?   

This event is designed to:

  • Maximize the energy of the WINTER EQUINOX as rocket fuel for your shift in consciousness.
  • Create a bridge to the currency of oneness (by including back into the wholeness and neutralizing the negative impact of any illusions, projections, distortions or old identities you are carrying).
  • Provide a special combination of energetic nourishment, sacred geometry, color, and crystalline light so you can access your infinite and current self.

How would it feel to enter the fall feeling current with who you have become and aware of the infinite possibilities available to you?

What if now was the time you chose to be you and live from total awareness and elevated consciousness?

Ready to join us?  

When: Beginning 8PM on December 21 (your time zone) and runs through to 8AM December 22 (your time zone). 
Where: Wherever you are (long distance energy support) doing whatever you would choose (celebrate, sleep, appreciate…)
Investment: $75
Please take a nourishing breath and vibe out if this energetic nourishment is for you?  
Divine Transmissions

*Registration ends at 11:59PM (PT) on December 20. Your Evolution Matrix will be created on the 21st and programmed to be active between 8pm-8am (your time zone).

“I am sending you my profound gratitude for the Equinox Evolution Matrix empowerment. Within a week of the empowerment I traveled to Egypt where I guided my very first Temple Journeys and am sure that part of its success is due to the powerful inflow of energy you channeled during Equinox! 

Events are still to be revealed, but the most “loud” message that I received is that I am a priestesses and that Neteru are with me.”

~ Danijela Nestorovic
Brussels, Belgium

At first, I was a bit dubious about the Evolution Matrix Winter Solstice event. However, I’m SO glad I made the commitment and did it!

Going through what could have been a stressful holidays, with potentially volatile house guests, I felt remarkably and unexpectedly happy. I was able to re-evaluate situations that would normally have triggered me. Instead, it was like a higher vibration radio station was available to me to tune into, allowing my finer self to shine.

I am really thankful for the event, and hope to participate in another in the future.”

 – Alesa L.

 “Through my participation in the Evolution Matrix, I have found my voice to speak the truth and feel worthy to speak the word. I also feel the inner fire of heart expansion, free from the bondage. With Gratitude”

 ~ Sandra Combe
Southern California 

“Lately, (after the Summer Solstice Activation) I have had a quantum shift in my psyche. For decades I have had issues with orderliness in my home environment. With laser clarity, I have been made aware that it is no longer a part of my story. Blessings to You.”

 ~ Gary

“Thank you, Danielle for the Evolution Matrix.  I finally shifted into feeling ‘good enough.’  And now I’m starting to feel great.  Yay!  Merci beaucoup.”  

~ Cynthia

Divine Transmissions