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Divine Transmissions

Divine Light Activation Introduction to
Enhance Your Multidimensional Communication
Monday, August 21, New Moon/Solar Eclipse
8:30-9:45 AM Pacific Time
Seating is limited
Join me, Thoth for a potent transmission to enhance your multidimensional communication~your capacity to be deeply conscious of your vibrational potential as a Creator Being. You are transmitting and receiving in each and every now moment, this live video training is designed to awaken your capacity to be utilizing this gift with greater conscious contribution for you and the Earth Star.
Multidimensional Communication can be used to:
  • Create through energy and consciousness
  • Position yourself for enhanced magic
  • Communicate with others beyond words, using silent sound, sacred geometry, color and the language of light
  • Deepen your connection with your higher self and Beings of Light across the Multiverse.
  • Transmit energetic contributions remotely

Living as a Being of Light Incarnate awakens multidimensional communication. The Divine Light Activation sequence is a key to evolving into the multidimensional Light Being Incarnate.

Join this FREE video conference to:
  • Awaken into greater states of multidimensional communication
  • Receive a direct transmission from Thoth to amplify the energies of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse
  • Access a deeper awareness of the Divine Light Activation program and explore if it is something you’ve left for yourself to find or not?
Seating is limited, conference doors will close once we reach capacity.
Reserve your space below.

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