Divine TransmissionsDivine TransmissionsDivine Transmissions


Divine Transmissions

Divine Light Activation Introduction to
Enhance Your Multidimensional Communication
Monday, August 21, New Moon/Solar Eclipse




The choice to re-incarnate, within this incarnation, as a Being of Light incarnate is being placed on the altar. Specifically, to engage in a revolutionary light technology that includes 22 Divine Light Activations to actualize the vision that you carry as a Light Being. September’s Divine Light Activation is being held at the sacred sites in Southern France and can also be held via bi-location from your home.

The purpose of this Divine Light Activation is to contribute to the Divine Expansion project. This may call to you if you have a sense that part of what you are up to on a soul level is expanding Divine consciousness. The Divine, Source, God, Goddess, All That There Is, Infinite Oneness is expanding. The Divine isn’t done, or static, the Divine is ever expanding. The Divine Expansion project specifically calls to those who have a mission to not only be contributing to individuals, groups, the Earth Star, the Multiverse yet specifically to be contributing directly to the Divine.

What you choose in this incarnation expands the Divine. The choice to reincarnate as a Being of Light Incarnate also expands your consciousness infinitely. Feeling called to explore this more fully?

Go here for more information and submit your application (if you are called) and experience the Divine Light Activation # 1 for yourself.



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