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Energy Trends of 2016 & 2017

     This is Thoth and the Path of the Venus Light Beings of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. The purpose of which is to acknowledge all of the energy movement that has occurred in 2016 for you, for the Earth Star and beyond. 2016 has had many energy streams within it so you may have the feeling that within one year you have lived several lifetimes. Or that as you look around you, you can see others having very varied experiences within the same year. That is because 2016 has been a threshold year or a rite of passage year. Or another way to look at it is as a momentous year in that it has had a lot of momentum and movement to it.
     We are sharing our acknowledgment of all that has evolved in this year with you vibrationally. We’d invite you to take a few moments and acknowledge all that has moved within your system and within the Earth Star in 2016. Creating a place and a space to acknowledge also seals in all that has transpired. We would invite you to be with us as we are with you in this acknowledgement vibration.
     We, the Path of the Venus Light Beings of Light have joined this particular transmission to be reflecting the full essence of being who it is that you are unencumbered by any doubt, holding back, fear or self-rejection. This is an energy stream we are placing on the altar at this time for you to pick up if you would like to. This energy stream is harnessing a simplicity of you being you, as you, and through you and all around you. That it isn’t a question of you being you or something you have to effort into being, it simply is.
     As we are completing this transmission we would also place on the altar the invitation to join us for this Winter Solstice Evolution Matrix. This energetic contribution is one in which there is the space to take even more momentum from what you have moved in 2016 and be positioned in 2017 for the extraordinary. For 2017 is a year in which there is a sense of being All In, if you choose. We’ll share more about what we mean by that as the year evolves yet that is an energy we would have you contemplate as this year is ending and the new one begins.
  • What do you love so much that you are willing to be All In with?
  • Where are you skimming the surface where going even deeper into a committed vibration will contribute to you even more?
We are with you and available to be interacting directly with you if that is your choice.
All is well and you are all,
Thoth and The Path of the Venus Light Beings of Light
P.S.  Danielle here, extending great love and appreciation to each of you. As I am headed out of the office the last two weeks of December to celebrate the holidays with loved ones, I am overflowing with gratitude for you and for 2016. I have been deepening into the energy of acknowledgement and taking the time to acknowledge all the momentum that has come through in 2016 personally and professionally, including the 3 Divine Light Activations, Divine It in France, Prosperous Soul, completing another book and much more.
I’ve been in deep meditation with Thoth and the guides about 2017 offerings. Divine Transmissions is taking a quantum leap in 2017 with a streamlining of offerings and a deepening into the Divine Light Activation and more. More will be shared, yet I am very excited about the direction of the guidance and look forward to going ALL IN with those of you who are choosing to in 2017 and beyond.

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