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Energy Tips for 2017

Hello Dear One, this is Thoth, with the Council of Light and the Divine Light Activation Beings of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. We are delighted to announce the Quantum Light Practitioner Licensing program that begins June 5. We have included an audio transmission sharing more about what it is and who it is for below. The pre-requisite is Divine Light Activation 1 for this is the base of Quantum Light.
We wanted to share a bit about the energies of 2017 for there is quite an intensity that you may be sensing or experiencing and we have a few suggestions to support you in getting more momentum from these potent energetics. The first of which is finding places and spaces where you are showing up fully. Where you are going “All in”. What we mean by that is that you are selecting environments, projects, relationships, home environments, books, programs, friendships, exercise~whatever the components are in your life that are most important to you~which you can ante up fully within. We like this analogy of poker where there is a time where you go all in on your hand, you ante up, you in a sense back or commit to your hand in a very strong way.  
This is the type of energy that will support you in 2017. Now we know that in order to go all in there are certain requirements from you, and for what you are going all in with that must be met. First of which is that although you can have an all in attitude in all areas of your life and living, meaning your choosing to show up fully, there are usually 2-3 areas or projects that you can have the fire for and bandwidth for to go all in with. What you may choose to go all in with is a project that excites you, or a relationship that you want to deepen or your personal evolution and connection to Source, or sharing your Divine Light Mission.
We invite you to take a few moments and contemplate what are you feeling called to go all in with? As you’re asking your inner knowing to bring up to the surface these qualities or areas of your life that you are feeling called to go all in with, we are placing an energetic transmission on the altar to support you in accessing greater clarity. We are also adding the awareness to recognize what you have been looking for when you find it. Spend a few moments exploring what you are choosing to go all in with…[Pause]
Once you have identified the directions or the areas we would invite you to ask yourself how would you know if you are all in? What would that look like? What would you hope to garner from going all in in these areas?
The other energy for 2017 that we would invite you to be aware of, which is in some ways the potency of the going all in, is to stay focused on what is yours to be, do and have and to let all that isn’t go by. Meaning there is a lot of raw energy and slower vibrational energies coming to the surface on the Earthstar and it could be quite distracting if you allow it to be. For example, there may be more of a tendency for others to project or for the slower vibrations they are experiencing to get more visible and this could be derailing if you don’t stay focused on your inner compass. That is a good way of saying it.
Let’s imagine you are exploring and you have a compass that is guiding you to your destination. While you are hiking you see lots of different things along the trail. Perhaps there is a circus, perhaps there is an expectation that you stop and go to that circus yet when you look at your inner compass or your map you know it isn’t on your path. So you keep going. You keep going. Let others do what is theirs to do yet without it being a reason that you stop yourself. This is another benefit of going all in. For when you are all in it is clear to you where you are going and what you are focused on. Then you can let the rest be.
We are very delighted about the momentum of 2017 and we are all in and ready to partner with those of you who are called to do so. We are asking Danielle to place offerings on the altar this year that have the energy of nourishing what you may be committing to on a deeper level. With that being said we are placing the Quantum Light Practitioner Training on the altar for you to vibe into if this is an arena that you are feeling called to go all in with.
All is Light and You Are All,
Thoth, the Council of Light and the Divine Light Activation Beings of Light
P.S. Are you looking for a way of being and a light technology that is bespoken for you? We invite you to explore Divine Light Activation I + Divine Light Activation II/Quantum Light Practitioner.

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