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Energy Themes for May & Beyond

embody itIt is I, Thoth and the Council of Light who are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission, the subject of which is to explore the energy themes for the month of May and 2015. You may notice many things as we approach the beginning of May, including a greater sense of spaciousness and simultaneity. May is a very rich and fertile environment, one in which a lot of potential is available to mold into form. You could think of it like being in an energy stream in which there are infinite possibilities and if you normally could pull out 5 possibilities in a month, in May you could experience 15 possibilities coming into form.

This is directly related and possible due to the evolution in consciousness that has been building over the past years. What we would describe as a greater state of inclusion. Inclusion of that, which is moving more slowly, yet also inclusion of your capacity to be multidimensional. Your capacity to be in a state of oneness so much that you are operating from a higher dimensional awareness that streamlines or power packs each and every moment. You may find yourself highly energized and productive in May, yet not from an over-stimulated, action place, more from a place of inspired action and ease.

As for the rest of 2015, the word we would use to summarize the theme of this year is, CALIBRATE. It is a year to calibrate to that which is most important to you, to calibrate to your Divine Mission, to calibrate to your optimal consciousness. By calibration we mean a set point that once struck, informs the rest of you r experience. There is also an undertone of the word calibrate that points out the sense of that which you already know to be true in your life being enhanced.

We are highlighting these energy themes to share with you more of what is possible this May and in 2015. Allow yourself to expand beyond what you thought was possible, into what you already are. Take a few breaths to integrate the energies that have been shared here and enjoy an expanded May and your calibration experience in 2015. All is well and you are All.

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