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Energies of July

This is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are delighted to be in conversation with you at this time and appreciate your presence in this interactive exchange. The word that we have shared to describe 2015 is CALIBRATION. This year is pulsating with the invitation for you to calibrate to your Divine Design and wholeness.
Specifically in July you have the opportunity to drop the illusion of needing to cover up who you are or what you are here for or what you really want. You could describe this as shifting out of any tribal consciousness or people pleasing or identifying yourself from the outside in. To shifting into your Divine Light Mission, Being You Full Out and creating from your Divine Design (from the inside out).
Here are some resources to support you in amplifying this energy shift, to dropping any pretenses or projections of who you are, to shining the full breath and union of you.
Enjoy the complimentary Impulse of Creation Calibration audio, the Be the Magic of You video series that are included below. For those of you that want to dedicate your presence to living your mission full out we invite you to consider partnering with us in Thoth’s Magic Academy or EMBODY IT (IT=Your Divine Light Mission).
Enjoy July and remember when you drop the overlay of who you think you should be and deepen into who you actually are, worlds open and your soul rejoices.

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