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Divining Your Life

dh7This is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission, the purpose of which is to share energy and consciousness to invite you to play with your capacity to Divine your life. Divination is an aspect of your infinite nature that is awakening even further at this extraordinary time in consciousness. When you Divine your life, you utilize your intuitive perception, your multidimensional awareness to follow energy themes and steams and make your decisions. Divination is often associated with Tarot or reading signs, yet we are speaking of you being the tarot deck, the divination rod, the Diviner.

What would open up for you if you were in tune with your intuitive knowing more moments of more now moments? What would this allow you to know or be or create that you haven’t so far?

Here is a guided meditation to access more of your Divination capacity.

Take a few breathes and focus on your throat, as you connect your breath to your throat have a sensation of a passageway opening up within you. This passage way leads you to your Akashic Records. Take a few moments to acclimate your consciousness to being in your Akashic Records…

As you look, feel, or sense around you, have an awareness of light, codes of light within and without. That these light codes are a Divine Light transmission that is connecting directly to your fully attuned capacity to Divine, to utilize your inner guidance to create your life from. Absorb and interact directly with this light.

Now that you have assimilated the Divine Light take a few minutes in the silence asking what your way of Diving is? What it looks like? How you can tap into it? What it is sharing with you now?

Knowing you have accessed something deeply meaningful for you extend your appreciation to this space and gently bring your awareness back to your breath and your throat. Return to you waking consciousness knowing that you have re-equipped yourself with the Divination power of your Divine Self.

All is well and you are all,


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