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Divine Spotlight: Irene Ingalls

“Since my family and I started the Energy Support Program, we have experienced an abundance of life enhancing moments.

My husband is joyfully and fearlessly entering into the next phase of his life. He successfully sold his 23 year business and is now starting a new consulting business which originated from his new deep love for helping people heal in the “plant medicine” world.  He has made the commitment to us all to connect more deeply and spiritually with his family.

My 13 year old son has taken up the guitar entirely of his own accord, composing his own songs and playing on stage fearlessly, passionately with no self-limitations.  Our daughter has grown into a confident young woman.  She too has found great joy in music as she is now learning to play guitar as well as sing.

Personally, I feel the “yes” coming forth from my lips in situations where in the past I was not confident to stand up and say “yes”.  This new version of me has propelled me into greater success.  I went from concept to actualization with my work, sharing my art with the world while making a good income from doing what I love.

I organized a trek to Peru with two friends and discovered a personal strength within, both physically and spiritually.   For the first time, I was able to stand up and fearlessly talk to others about the energetic component to my art~light language, what it is and how it heals.

Thank you, Danielle, for your continued energetic support!”

Irene Ingalls
Light Language Art
Art that Activates and Awakens the Sacred within You

Irene is an off the charts artist and energy master. I highly recommend you check out her website and discover her high vibrational prints and how you can have a customized personal light language painting or gorgeous business logo created just for you.

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