Divine Light Activation II + Quantum  Light Practitioner License

A Light Technology to
Embody, Midwife & Accelerate Divine Wholeness
as and for the
Actualization of Source Consciousness & the Extraordinary 

July 15, 2017—January 15, 2018

Who’s it For & With?

Pre-Requisite: Divine Light Activation 1

  • You desire to go deeper into the Divine Light Activations
  • You are choosing to co-create and partner with Beings of Light as a Being of Light to Midwife the Divine (Source Consciousness and the extraordinary)
  • You have a part of the sequence to add to DLA II & Quantum Light
  • You delight in dynamic play, self-creation and contributing in a meaningful way to yourself, others, the Earth Star, nature, the cosmos, Beings of Light and the Divine
  • You have a sense that the “rock star” light and energy technology of Quantum Light is a frequency and vibration that you’ve left for yourself to find and to pulse out
  • You are looking for a way to expand and express your gifts and becoming a Quantum Light Practitioner for your personal, planetary and/or professional use lights you up.

About Quantum Light:

Quantum Light utilizes the activated state of the 22 Divine Light Activations within the “practitioner’s” system to evolve consciousness in individuals, groups, the Earth Star, animals, nature, the cosmos, the Multiverse and contributes directly to the Divine by expanding All That Is into the greater possibility of All That Could Be.

Accesses Origin Source Codes and Quantum Entanglements to span beyond time and space

Illuminates your Brilliance by States of Advanced Light Body Coding

Fosters Vessel Creation or Temple Building through Sacred Architecture

Part numerology, part Tarot, part Runes/Sigils, part Energy Healing, part Coaching, part Sacred Sites, Earth Star & Cosmic Temple building this inclusive multidimensional light training profoundly develops your system to be carrying and holding more light.

What’s the Training In and About?

Quantum Light Practitioner Training gives you a skill set that you can apply to the vision that you carry as a Being of Light Incarnate. That way you can express it in a way that is bespoken for you.

  • Prefer to use it personally for guidance, healing, decision making, evolving your consciousness…you'll be trained to do so.
  • Want to go pro and provide readings, sessions, coaching, sacred sites journeys for others or businesses you’ll be ready to do so.
  • Passionate about the evolution in consciousness, buildings, sacred sites, animals, the Earth, Beings of Light and want a way to contribute more, QL creates exponential contribution.    

Quantum Light prepares you to be in your sweet spot, your zones of genius and gives you access to 3 areas of Thoth’s Ascended Mastery Academy and Light School. You decide what’s best for you.  

Personal Evolution

Apply the Quantum Light tools to any area of your life and living. Gain clarity about next steps through the divination skills you develop and use the sigils, tarot deck and QL attunements to enhance your health, finances, purpose, relationships and contribution to the cosmos.

Licensed QL Professional

Start a Quantum Light Practitioner Business or add it to what you already do. In a corporate setting bring it in remotely, use for group relationship building, innovative decision making and time planning. On the woo side of things use it to give readings and sessions for individuals, their homes, pets, businesses. Want to add a tool to your tool box and start incorporating working with the sacred sites. Ready to start your energetic coaching practice? Use QL to support others in finding their purpose, or actualizing money or relationships.  

Consciousness &
Earth Star Contributor

Love nature, the Earth and looking for a way to turn up the volume contributing in an exponential way? Use Quantum Light to support the animals, Earth Star, Beings of Light, the Cosmos and the Divine. You choose. Maybe this is building a garden or traveling or working with the elements or…?  

How is it a contribution to the Evolution in Consciousness?

Quantum Light, which is based in the 22 Divine Light Activation Sequence is an energetic bridge and gateway for expanding consciousness, returning strength in the organism and turns on brilliance.

The evolution in consciousness requires that new and innovative technologies become available during these changing times. Ones that are current with the energies and also provide a launching pad to where the energies are headed. As well as having customized, bespoken access points that liberates the individual’s uniqueness and creates an environment that is so specialized it is a tailored fit.

The ways of operating that worked in the old paradigm no longer work. Systems have crumbled and trying to use the old systems creates frustration.

Quantum Light provides opulent nourishment for the system to be living beyond time and space. To access frequencies and vibrations from across the Multiverse. It utilizes an energetic approach to “time” with 24 activations, 24 hours in the day. It provides a rhythm based way to planning one’s schedule and making decisions based on the soul’s cycle.

It moves beyond space into the Quantum and opens up ways of communication that are multidimensional. This creates the capacity to provide support across physical distance, pull in frequencies and energies from other galaxies that are needed and also do things like actualize synchronicities and support with ease.

Quantum Light is a revolutionary energy technology that is always evolving to meet the current requirements energetically for any systems.

The six-month training includes 3 cycles/subjects, with an in depth 2-month focus on each.

3 subjects from Thoth’s Ascended Mastery Lineage & Light School

DLA Readings/Runes/Tarot/Numerology

Alignment (Healing):
Quantum Light Sessions (Energetic Coaching/Healing for individuals, groups, or businesses)

Sacred Architecture (Actualization through Light Grids):
Contribute potently to the Planetary & Star Kingdoms (Earth/Universe/Animals/Nature/Beings of Light)  

 Three 3-Day Cycles


The first 3-day cycle is concentrated on you. Your relationship with each of the Divine Light Activations. You as a Being of Light Incarnate and getting to know the vision that you carry more fully. June and July’s training sessions and the beginning of our retreat will correspond with this cycle and be on the subject of Divination/Readings/Runes/Tarot and using the Quantum Light Licensed Divine Light Activation materials manual, sigils (symbols), and tarot deck for you personally.  


The second 3-day cycle and August and September are focused on Quantum Light Sessions (Energetic Coaching/Healing for individuals, groups, businesses…) in person and remotely (on the quantum, multidimensional, bi-location levels).  Here the Divine Light Activations will share how to bridge the depth of connection you have with the DLA’s in a way that is accessible and a contribution to those that are receiving Quantum Light Sessions.  


The third 3-day cycle and October and November are focused on Building Vessels, Sacred Architecture, Ley Lines, Temples of Light, contributing to the Earth Star, Animals, Nature and Beings of Light. Capacity to work directly with the Divine Blueprint and create through light. Sacred Architecture provides you skills that can be used in a variety of ways depending on what speaks to you. You could use it to take sacred sites tours, add a long distance component to your sessions and programs, create the structure for your business, gardening, earth work…  

All along we will be building in visioning as to your particular ways of using the Quantum Light. As such a part of the active curriculum is applying the techniques in logged session hours, choosing a major (divination, alignment, sacred architecture) and creating a project or thesis as a part of your licensing requirements.

What does becoming a Licensed Quantum Light Practitioner License you in?

You are licensed and trained to use the Quantum Light technology and tools (Sigils/Tarot Deck) to work with self, others, businesses, animals and earth and multiverse as a licensed practitioner of Quantum Light.    

Course Materials Included:

  • Quantum Light Activation Play Book
  • 22 Divine Light Activation Master Audio’s
  • 24 Sigils and/or tarot deck and license to use with self and others
  • Quantum Light Practitioner Business Jumpstart Kit & Virtual Training (For those that want to be a Quantum Light Practitioner Professionally)  

What the Licensing Does Not Include:

This licensing is a practitioner training not a teacher training. You are able to share the Quantum Light & DLA Sigils with others yet not teach the Divine Light Activation sequence or activate others. Danielle and Divine Transmissions are the only one’s authorized to provide the full 22 Divine Light Activation sequence.  

Just as an acupuncturist provides acupuncture to a client yet doesn’t teach the client acupuncture. 

What the Program Includes:

  • Course material will be provided on your special member site for you to tune into at your own pace.
  • Course Material: 
  •  THREE, 3-Day Immersions Every 2 Months
    • August 1, 2 & 3: Alignment: 9, 75 minute activations
    • October 1, 2 & 3: Divination: 9, 75 minute activations
    • December 1, 2 & 3: Sacred Architecture: 9, 75 minute activations
  • 6 Training Videos Available on the 15th of each month.
  • 6-months of bi-monthly group zoom sessions (90-minutes) 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 9am Pacific
  • Co-Created Divine Practitioner Clinic/Practicum (1/2 day every 2 months)
  • 6-months of 24hour/24-day Activation Energetic Vortex
  • Logged Sessions 
  • 1:1 90-minute Licensing Assessment/Evaluation/Confirmation Session Project
  •  Quantum Light Course Materials- Play Book, Sigils, Business Jumpstart Kit 
  • BONUS: Ticket to Weekend with Thoth in Sedona June 2-4 ($997 value)  
    In-person in Sedona or Bi-locate 

What's NOT Included:

Accommodations/Meals/Transportation for Weekend with Thoth Event June 2-4 in-person in Sedona
(bi-location is also available) 


     $7500 to bi-locate  

Ready to explore Quantum Light Practitioner Training Further?  

To move forward with exploring Quantum Light Practitioner Program please set up a 1:1 90- minute conversation with the team. Together we will go into your particular access points, provide the 1st Quantum Light Activation so you can get a feel for the energies and discover if it is a yes or no from us and from you to move forward at this time.

or Email Thoth@divinetransmissions.com

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