An Evolutionary Sequence of 22 Light Activations to Actualize
the Vision You Carry as a Divine Being of Light Incarnate ~
Reunited with Multidimensional Cosmic Consciousness 

 Do you long to Activate the
Divine Being of Light within you?


Are you aware that you have an
essential role in the
in Consciousness?

The Divine Light Activation is a 22 light activation sequence that we, Thoth and the Council of Light, are transmitting for the purpose of initiating the return of the Divine wholeness on Earth. Those that are called to partner with us in this initiation sequence will have been on a journey of evolution and devotion that spans across this lifetime to past and future lifetimes. Agreements were co-created to reunite during one of the most extraordinary times in the evolution of consciousness to bring forth the light technology of the returned divine wholeness.


  • You have the awareness that you are a Being of Light incarnate
  • You hold keys of awakening within your system
  • You sense that you have a role to play in the evolution in consciousness
  • You are choosing to participate from the place of equality and equanimity
  • You long to be matched at the full breadth of your Divine union
  • You are ready to live multidimensionally
  • You recognize that the contribution you have to share is in the realms of energy, frequency and vibration

Thoth transmission
Frequencies that have been dormant within your brilliant system are awakening as a reflection of earth accessing frequencies from beyond the central sun and in accordance with the multiverse expansion. Vibrations that have never existed in the same dimensional reality are spontaneously catalyzing a return of the light waves of the resurrected Divine body. As a result access to multidimensional living and the universal principles of the Divine design are turned on.

What Gets Activated?


dh14Innate ability to communicate through the light body. Includes
communication inter-dimensionally with Beings of Light, the universe and those that are operating in the realms of frequency and vibration.

This enhances your capacity to create or actualize what is yours to be, do and have with greater ease.

Increases clarity, inner guidance and communication with galactic





You have the possibility to be in 100% connection with your signature source field, to be a Being of Light in form. As you live from this place you are accessing your unique signature energy and sharing your skill sets and genius with the world.

You may be a Being of Light that comes from a different solar system and by turning on this capacity fully you are able to carry the codons of light from this other galaxy into the dimension of earth. This has a tremendous value to your life personally as well as to the greater shift in consciousness.




The universe is filled with millions of dh29embodiment-of-lightenergy streams, as you activate your Divine Light you are positioned to be in the energy streams that are your highest expression in this lifetime.

There are always several possible paths you can take in a lifetime; this sequence allows you to be in the one that is simultaneously the most efficient and expansive. This lends itself to greater magic, synchronicity, and ease in your life.




You have several areas of expertise dh28or mastery that you carry dormant within your energetic system. These get turned on so that you can be deeply expressing these skill sets as your unique blend of genius.

May include prongs of consciousness from the lineage of Thoth, such as, Scribing, reading the Akashic Records, Sacred Architecture, Alignment (healing), Magic, Merchant Priestess. Or from your soul lineage or the Council of Light lineage that are unique to you and your origin of consciousness.


Capacity to hold a vision and amplify the possibility of that vision dh12becoming a reality. You carry a vision that you came into this incarnation with. This vision is such that you are in the space of being the pioneer, visionary in that only you hold this vision and the capacity to carry it out.

The new world isn’t created with the same systems that created the old one, turning on your oracular vision is key to creating an evolved experience of life and living.



  • Fulfills your inner commitment to play an instrumental role in the evolution in consciousness by having the courage and the willingness to walk as a Being of Light on earth.
  • Streamlines your activities to be focused and positioned on what is yours to be, do and have.
  • Creates a deep sense of connection and belonging with self and Divine self.
  • Develops equanimity in relationships, able to show up fully in your life, engaged and matched nothing more nothing less.
  • Focuses the rest of your life on what matters most to you on a soul level.
  • Confusion and overwhelm fall away, revealing crystal clarity, focus and potency.

Why Bi-Location?

This 90-day Divine Light Activation Bi-Location Program is held simultaneously in Southern France, where the tablets of light and inter-dimensional causeways of communication reside in the land, sea and stars and wherever you are in the world. You participate through your light and love bodies from the comfort of your home, while Danielle transmits the activations while she is physically in France.

Anna, grandmother of Jesus was a Being of Light incarnate who enhanced the well-being of the body with the activation of the light body.

Jeshua and Mary Magdalene taught the sacred union of the fully awakened love body.

Isis traveled in France providing access to magic and the midwifing of the abundant cord of resurrection of wholeness.       

These are just a few examples associated with the South of France
and what is possible with the Divine Light Activation.

There is a lost temple of Isis off the coast of the Mediterranean which is connected to the cosmos above and is home to light codes and high vibrational spiritual technologies that the adepts would go and retrieve what they left for themselves to find.

The positioning of this retreat in France simultaneously connects to this cosmic temple, the mountains where Mary Magdalene taught and the tablets of light. These tablets of light were brought from other dimensions during a lifetime where Danielle taught beings to travel through their light bodies to bring sacred wisdom to France and to earth.

22 Activation Bi-Location Program 

What's Included?

  • 2 — 90 Minute 1:1 Sessions with Divine Council of Light via Phone
  • 30—Day Energetic Preparation, Activation and Integration Vortex
  • 24 — 75 Minute Divine Light Activations via Bi-location and Video
  • 1 — Remote Activation Each Day
  • Access to Videos and 1:1 Session Recordings to Listen at Your Convenience
  • 90-minute Integration Retreat via Phone

What is Bi-Location?

This Divine Light Activation is being offered through bi-location only, for the purpose of deepening the light technology of multidimensional communication. Bi-location refers to you being in two places at once, present in your daily life and energetically connected to the activations. What that looks like is that as the Divine Light Activations are being transmitted you are present in your daily life in whatever way you are called (you do not need to change your schedule in any way) and you are present on a multidimensional level or joining the Divine Light Activations in spirit or light body first. Then you will receive the recordings of the activations to tune into a second time.

This is a methodology that is very potent for the bi-locator and for expanding and deepening the contribution to the Divine Light Activations. For as you are present in spirit or as your multidimensional self you add to what the activations carry vibrationally. As well as this lends itself for the Divine Light Activations to be activating multiple key lines around the earth star. That as you bi-locate to the Divine Light Activations in a sense you act as an acupuncture needle at the location where you live or are and that deepens the actualization of the activations for you and for their larger contribution.

Bi-location is not for everyone, nor is the Divine Light Activation Full 22 Sequence, for it is innovative, it is visionary and it is honoring and developing your awareness of yourself as a Being of Light Incarnate. That as a Being of Light you can connect energetically and receive the benefits in a very phenomenal way through bi-location. Feeling called to explore Divine Light Activation Bi-Location further?

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This 22 sequence is a high level partnership with you and the Divine Beings of Light as embodied and transmitted through Danielle. The environment of this activation is enhanced by the light grids in and around Southern France and wherever you live.

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