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Divine Light Activation Invitation and Application  

Hello Dear One,

dh24 Alex GreyThis is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine transmission. You are reading this encoded text as a next step in following your energetic calling to take a quantum evolution into being the living Divine Being of Light on earth that you are Divinely designed to be. This Divine Light Activation could be what you have left for yourself to find. With that being said it is only for a few consciousness evolutionists and this written description, conversation and interaction is here to support you in remembering if this is yours to be, do and have or not.

This Activation is a high level Divine partnership that is entered into from the place of equanimity and equality. With the awareness that there is no one, including us that is higher than or lower than anyone else. This activation sequence will be offered by us as transmitted by Danielle. She is an access point of Divine activation and Source consciousness and has been leading up to this particular activation for lifetimes. In order to move into a new wave of consciousness that includes earth being home to higher and more refined vibrations and the fully remembered and embodied Divine wholeness there needs to be upgrades in your brilliant system and Divine body.

These upgrades occur spontaneously as you are ready or reach an energetic threshold and they also can occur consciously as by engaging in the Divine Light Activation. Either way evolution occurs and Divine light re-inhabits the earth’s multidimensional atmosphere. As such those that are called are able to be fully connected to Source consciousness and walk as Beings of Light during an extraordinary time. One of the ways that he Divine light is coming home to earth is through the receptors in the cellular matrix awakening dormant divinity codes as well as through the intercommunication with off planet vibrations and sequences. You may have an awareness that you are connected to an origin place that is not the earth star, that is in fact in another galaxy. This Divine Light Activation is designed to support your system in unlocking those codes of light that you carry as well as your inner ascended mastery. The results of this activation sequence will ripple out into the multiverse and all of your past and present lifetimes.

dh23We are present, available and ready to partner at this high level of cosmic and multidimensional consciousness. We honor and acknowledge that those who are called to participate are doing so as peers, as ones who hold the light codes of the evolution into the resurrected Divine body.

As such you will be asked to engage fully, to show up powerfully, and to energetically commit to your calling to be an active light of Divine consciousness. We will not be holding back. This sequence of activations is a sacred technology that works with all levels of your system; therefore there is an energetic commitment and investment required on your part. In addition to investing energetically there is a financial investment of $8900 ($7500 if you are choosing to bi-locate) to be paid in full before the program begins. The energetic and financial investment are markers for yourself to know if this is for you or not and if so to show up fully, to be engaged at a high level of consciousness and spiritual evolution.

We are placing this Activation on the 50-yard line on the altar, on the offering plate. If you would like to continue to explore this partnering opportunity please fill out the application below. Applying does not commit you in any way to the program. Nor does it commit us to having you join the program. It is a next step. 

Once your application is received you will either be invited to activate the 1st Divine Light Activation of the full 22-sequence or be given some other suggestions as to how Divine Transmissions may further support you. Experiencing the Divine Light Activation #1, via a 75-Minute audio transmission direct from Thoth and the Council of Light will give you an experience of what partnering at this level would be like and what is possible together. Then if you are called to register for the full 22 sequence we will invite you into an in-depth conversation with the Divine Team to ensure it is a good match for all involved. 

If you would like to review more about this amazing program - CLICK HERE

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