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[Divine Light Activation] Audio Meditation

DSC_0450Danielle here, as I have been in multi-dimensional communication with Thoth and the Council of Light, exploring the question how can I best contribute in 2016 what consistently came through was Divine Activations.
Some of you may remember in 2011, when I was offering Divine Birthright Activations (an in-person program held over 5 days, which included 20, 90 minute activations) that this was an offering I had been leading up to for lifetimes. Now 4 years later, Thoth and the Council of Light have asked me to offer Divine Light Activation, an offering on par with Divine Birthright Activation and customized to support greater ease with the evolution in consciousness.
It includes a 22-Sequence of activations that go through an in-depth recalibration of the human brilliant system to its divine origin, offered directly from Thoth and the Council of Light as divinely transmitted by me.   If you’d like to find out more about it please go here.
As I approach 2016 I look forward to sharing full out what is mine to be, do and have with those of you that it is yours to be, do and have. Nothing more and nothing less!
We are including an audio meditation on neutrality to help with greater states of neutrality as energies are shifting”  – Thoth

Journey to Kom Ombo

From The Temples of Light book by Danielle Rama Hoffman
Receive support to move into greater states of neutrality as life naturally expands and contracts.
Journey to Kom Ombo-Neutrality (13 Minutes)

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