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Divine It

dh24 Alex GreyCalling pilgrims, adepts, scribes, artists, intuitives, energy and consciousness diviners, spiritual evolutionists who are lovers of Source, nature, power places, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Thoth, the Hathors and unity consciousness for an extraordinary journey of a lifetime(s).

  • Explore the sacred sites of France infused with Tablets of Light from Isis, Mary Magdalene, The Venus Ray, The Council of Light and many other mystery school traditions.
  • Utilize and hone your capacity of divining/divination (intuitive perception) to receive personal and universal love infusions from the power places.
  • Be engaged from a place of equanimity and as a co-creator of this journey with Source, your higher self and the other adepts in the group.
  • Co-create a multidimensional project (book, photography, art, audio, video…) that synthesizes the messages accessed on this sojourn to contribute to the larger evolution in consciousness.
  • Eat, walk, meditate, laugh, dive deep, evolve and enjoy.
  • Access Divine Guidance from Thoth, Isis, Mary Magdalene, the Council of Light as transmitted by Danielle to create a strong container of energy and consciousness to unlock these sacred energies and awaken your Divine body.

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