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Divine Infusion: Creation Spa Goddess Style

A Rare Invitation to work 1:1 with Divine Transmissions team of Light Beings

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Infuse your Soul’s Purpose with Divine Energy

Bask in an Environment of Creative Energy

Create Your Dream Project Your Way with Ease 


  • Ready to steep in an environment that enlivens your creative juices?
  • Ready to access your intuition and divine guidance to launch a project of your choosing?

Divine Infusion is a rare opportunity to access consciousness that amplifies your creativity and guides you to go within to create with ease and joy.

This Creation Spa is overflowing with Divine Feminine energies that support you in being receptive, juicy, playful, replenished so you can dream, vision, intuit and craft your creation from the inside out (what we are calling Goddess Style).

We will begin our journey with an Akashic Records reading of your soul’s purpose.This Divine Transmission will take a deep dive into your Akashic Records to energetically infuse your current developmental stage of consciousness with an upgraded awareness of who you are and why you came to earth at this time (soul’s purpose).

We begin here for as you have a clear awareness of your unique essence, gifts and talents you are in a vibration of resonance and connection. This vibrational state clarifies the origin of your “creation to be” and anchors it into an authentic alignment with your true Divine nature (your within).

Our next step is to spend a ½ day retreat together, which will be held virtually (by phone) and is comprised of three segments, each building on the previous.  This ½ day is designed to provide an environment, energy spa, container, and an infusion of Divine Consciousness so that you can rediscover your creative process and flow.

This time on earth is one in which innovators, pioneers, star seeds are being called to go within and awaken to what resides there to bring forward unique creations, direct from Source, from within.

Firstly, we will guide you into the potent energy of Divine creation inviting you to steep in these frequencies and to refill your inner reserves. With access to these vibrations your system will move into a greater state of receptivity and intuition one in which you will be informed from the inside out the deeper dream, vision and purpose of your creation.

divineThen we will move into a segment of play, discovery and creation for the purpose of identifying your unique ways of creating. If your project is writing we may guide you to write in our presence or if your project is art then we may invite you to paint/draw in our presence. As you engage in the act of creation we will be with you every step of the way holding the space of the muse and watching how your system naturally creates. Then breaking down your innate inner process and reflecting this to you in a conscious way so that you can be aware of it and develop it even further.

We will reserve our third segment as a “wild card” in terms of what will be most needed in the moment. We may move into completing any patterns of self-sabotage or past life fears, or places where you will be most likely to put the breaks on moving forward with your project. We may move into offering a training on how to scribe or provide initiations to open your clairvoyance or co-create fun exercises to implement before we meet again. We will follow the energy together and go where you and your creation will be most nourished.

Our final session will have the purpose of anchoring creating from the inside out as a way of being. There will be space for question and answer and for infusing your project with energies of joy and ease.

After this Divine Infusion experience you will walk away with an enhanced awareness of who you are, why you are here and what your unique ways of creating are. You will have infused Divine consciousness into your project of choice and energetically taken a quantum leap into creating it with ease and from the inside out.

Now is the time to surround yourself with environments that draw out the best within you that support you in innovating your own awareness. We are providing this opportunity for those that know that an amazing potential to create from within resides in your heart of hearts and that now is the time to unlock it, your way, for the betterment of your life and the universe.

We are present and available. Are you called to join us for this Divine Infusion?

If so you can register below.

What’s Included?

  • Akashic Records Soul Purpose Reading (90 minutes)
  • ½ Day Divine Infusion Creation Spa (3, 75minute segments)
  • Creation from Within Anchoring Session (90 minutes)
  • Recordings of all phone sessions

Investment: $2997

 Payment: Register Here

Have questions? Please be in touch with us and we will be happy to get back to you soon team@divinetransmissions.com.

  • Have you been waiting for a boost of energy that will catapult your creative endeavors into fruition?
  • Are you ready to create your life from a new vibration of consciousness, a Divinely infused frequency?

We have heard your request to have an opportunity to be supported in this innovative fashion. We invite you to join us for this Divine Infusion, a rare opportunity to work directly 1:1 with Divine Transmissions team of Light Beings. Other ways to work with us 1:1 are in a 6-month to yearlong engagement with an investment of 5 to 6 figures.

We look forward to supporting you create Goddess Style.

with joy and delight,

Thoth and the Council of Light 

P.S. Do you know you have a book to write, an art piece to create, a dream project to bring into form? Have you been waiting to create it from an innovative space, a new paradigm, from within? Join us for Divine Infusion. 

P.P.S. Danielle here, my Divine Mission is to support innovators, pioneers, authors, scribes devoted and committed to personal growth and consciousness evolution to access the unique consciousness that resides within. When I downloaded this Divine Infusion offering it pulsed in with such a powerful and clear signal that I just had to get it off to you right away. I know that we each have an extraordinary role in the shift in consciousness and that it calls us to innovate, to pioneer, to find evolved ways of being. To me Divine Infusion is a temple of creation, one in which the initiate/scribe is supported to internally align with what has been there all along yet been waiting for the space to be midwifed. I know the courage and awareness it takes to pioneer yet personally that is where I think our power resides, not in regurgitating someone else’s way of being or creating, yet realizing our unique way of expressing and being. I look forward to sharing this with those of you that are called to ride this leading edge consciousness with me, one that supports you “in being and doing you” and creating what is yours to share with the world, your way!



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