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Excerpt from Danielle’s Journal as she asks Thoth about how to fill the Prosperous Soul Program

Hello dear one it is I Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this now moment in response to your question as to how to fill the Prosperous Soul program with 3 platinum participants and 12 gold participants?

We would ask you to change the question to hold the numbers in your consciousness and yet for now let go of the numbers. Try these questions instead. How can I reach those that would benefit from the Prosperous Soul Program? Can you see that having it be open is energetically more receptive? How can I receive and welcome those Prosperous Souls that are calling forth this program into being? This takes it even more into the understanding that the program is called forth by those beings that are in highest and best good with it and it takes the focus off of you needing to find them and onto you being receptive to them already being there.

This is a very powerful tool and one that takes many layers off of the process of feeling as if anything is missing or that you are separate from anyone. To being on the knowingness that your aligning co-creation of the Prosperous Soul program was not about you to begin with, it was about those who were calling forth this information into being. And as such it was created in a state of wholeness, in a state of abundance already.  The program as a part of its divine design already has the people that are meant to be a part of it as that design. Because it is not as you may have been conditioned to think that you are creating something, this program, and then you have to find people to take it. It is the other way around. You have been guided to create this powerful and profound program because it is what those meant to take it have been calling forth. You are the vessel and every creation that flows through you from this authentic and guided place is inherently whole.

As you focus on how you can open up and receive the wholeness that is already there, the understanding that you are simply moving yourself into the vibrational location of where the people who have called forth this program into being and have already chosen to take it are. Now that is an entirely different question than the one that you originally spoke. For it understands that wholeness and abundance are givens. It understands that the creation and the fulfillment of that creation are one. It understands that the river and the riverbank are one. That sacred union already exists.

Sit with these questions dear one: How do I align with the fulfilled, whole and abundant energy that is the Prosperous Soul Program? How am I one with the Prosperous Soul program? Now these questions are still formulating to create the most resonant question for you individually. For it has already been stated that the program being fulfilled and of great service to those that participate in it is a given. This is already done. So what is not done is the knowingness of this within your system. How do you know it to be true? How do you stay in that consciousness?

Now this is a different line of questions than what else you are wanting to ask about which is what inspired action to take? How to help those that are meant to be in the program to find out about it? We are starting with the energetic principle that it is already done and that your process as well as the process of those that are finding themselves in the same location that it is already done, that they have already chosen to be a part of it is one in which there is a remembering process. We want to share about the balance between the energetic alignment and the inspired action. For it varies from person to person constitutionally and yet for most there is a balance between the two that provides the most effective outcomes or alignments. For you, you are very energetically oriented and part of your energetic alignment process is taking inspired action. So what inspired action would be of greatest benefit at this stage in the Prosperous Soul matchmaking stage? We say matchmaking because that is in a sense what is happening, is that there is the conscious awareness of a match between the program and between those that are choosing to participate in it.

Part of your process in inspired action is to be as clear as to what the vibration of the program is and part of that is not overlaying any of your doubts on it, because the program has no doubts. The program is already whole. The program is in alignment. The program has a profound meaning, message and benefit to those that participate in it. This is where you allow the energy of the program to shine through. The heart and the soul of the program to shine through. One way in which you have already done this is through the alignment of the introductory call, as well as the emails, and webpages. Yet what you have not done is to truly allow the program to shine on the energetic levels.

Part of what you have been waiting for is your own accelerated vibration to be up to speed with the benefits of that which the program is offering, as well as the spaciousness to really receive those beings that are meant to be a part of it.

Now this is the Prosperous Soul program that is moving into the forefront of this now moment. It is time for us to shine and vibrate the energy of this opportunity for those that have already chosen and called forth this 6-month time together to remember that it is theirs to participate in. The way that we will do that together is simply by pulsing the Prosperous Soul program energy out into the universe 3 times. That is all that it will take.

Pulse one Igniting

Pulse two Igniting

Pulse three Igniting

Now that may have seemed very easy and yet it is very easy because there is only wholeness in the process. There is only the ignition of remembering in the process.

Now for you to become a vibrational match with the wholeness of the program, as it already exists, we would invite you to receive the download of that which is the heart and soul of this program. This download includes the absolute remembering of the Divine guidance role that each person has in his or her own lives. That this process that you are engaged in is one that the Prosperous Soul program ignites in others. So they have access to that which is ease, that which is clarity, that which is wholeness. The other aspect that you have been embodying over the last 18months, which is an addition to the second wave of the Prosperous Soul program, is the dismantling of any separation consciousness when it comes to sharing your purpose personally. As you have disentangled approval patterns, tribal consciousness, survival consciousness, the trade of purpose for money and the focus on proving something through your work you are a clear channel for this purpose to shine through. Meaning this program is not about you in any way. It is being offered on the altar of the heart of the Divine for those that are meant to be a part of it. This is being offered freely without any weirdness overlaid on top of it. This is rare and this is a joy and this is also what you are helping others with through this program.

To be able to share your purpose for the joy of it freely is an incredible gift. To be able to show up powerfully in the expertise that you have to offer is an incredible gift. To be able to disentangle any sense of survival (meaning you have to enroll a certain amount of people, or make a certain amount of money to survive) is truly awe-inspiring. For it allows the sacred memory that you know to be true in business to be resurrected. This is what people want. They want to get to the core of their gifts and talents and have the ease of divine guidance and the clarity of the offering already being whole and the understanding that their abundance is a given as they are engaged in business.

We have shared a lot with you here today and the inspired action we would invite you to take is to publish this journal entry into your newsletter. For it models how you have become so successful and what is available to those who remember that they have called forth this program into being and that it is theirs to take.

The one last thing that we would add is to those that are now going to be reading this is that you have a unique opportunity before you with the Prosperous Soul program. And we would invite you to tap into your divine knowing as to whether this offering is yours to take from the altar of wholeness. And if it is we look forward to supporting you in creating your own version of divine guidance, abundance, joy and most importantly the freedom to share your purpose in wholeness.

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