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Divine Activations to Be You Fully

Access high vibrational energies and direct transmissions of consciousness from The Council of Light, Thoth, Mary Magdalene and other Light Beings to support you to shift into Unity Consciousness and awaken your multidimensional Divine Light Body.

Be You Full Out: 4 Day Unity Consciousness Video Divine Transmissions
(Value $100)

  1. Video 1: Activate your capacity to choose to be you full out anchored in Unity Consciousness
  2. Video 2: Unplug from tribal consciousness and dismantle the repetitive patterns you use to hold yourself back
  3. Video 3: Energize Your Signature Energy and awaken your full awareness
  4. 75-Minute Audio: Be You Full Out Awakening Audio Transmission

Be the Divine You: 5 Day Unity Consciousness Video Activations
(Value $100)

  1. Video 1: Embrace your Divine Body, choose wholeness and Divine connection
  2. Video 2: Shift any allergy or resistance to being all of you, including being extraordinary
  3. Video 3: Remember your capacity to create through energy and vibration
  4. Video 4: Be in communion with your higher self and your Divine helpers
  5. Audio: Divine You Activation Transmission

Be the Magic of You: 6 Day Unity Consciousness Video Transmissions
(Value $100)

  1. Video 1: Support: Meet your Divine Team of Light
  2. Video 2: Choice: Access the Power of Your Capacity to Choose
  3. Video 3: Magic: Be You (nothing more, nothing less)
  4. Video 4: Actualization: Activate Your Capacity to Create
  5. Video 5: Unity Consciousness: Be in Union and Connection
  6. Audio: Be the Magic of You 75-Minute Audio Transmission

Soul Connect Initiation: 5 Day, 22 Initiation Sequence Retreat
(Value $397)

  • 20 Soul Connect Initiations
  • Four, 18 minute + audio initiations each day. (It is recommended that you listen to one every 4 hours with headphones if possible. For example, 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm or as your schedule permits.)
  • 2, 60-Minute Jumpstart and Integration Audios: Day 1 & Day 5
  • Download page of All Audio Initiations

$300 Divine Dollars Gift Certificate to Apply Toward Thoth’s Magic Academy Tuition (Value $300)

Thoth’s Magic Academy: Be You Full Out Anchored in Unity Consciousness

A Year and a Day Video Program

This Year and a Day is one in which we will dive deeply into the subject of Unity Consciousness so that you can live from a place of unflappable joy, inner power and grace. This offering is unique for it is about adding something to your life and through the adding of something (daily videos, monthly calls and 24/7 energy container) you are priming the pump of your energy to jump.

To jump into the wholeness of you, to jump into the universal consciousness of you, to take a leap into Being You Full Out.

Are you choosing to join us for the most extraordinary year of your life?