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December Energy Trends


A Note from Thoth and the Council of Light

This is Thoth and the Council of Light that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are extending great appreciation and acknowledgment for your contribution to the evolution of consciousness. We are placing on the altar, two energetic transmissions to contribute to you creating a wonderful month of December and positioning yourself for an off the charts 2018. The first is a video transmission below, which includes information about Decembers energy trends and a Sound Bath to enhance joy and bliss in your life.  

The second is a Divine Light Activation transmission to follow the energy of this 22 evolutionary sequence and subsequent Quantum Light Practitioner training to see if you recognize it as something that you have left for yourself to find or not. We are now accepting applications for in-person Divine Light Activation programs in France in May 2018 as well as from home via bi-location (you can pick your dates).
We want to highlight that Divine Light Activation is the pre-requisite for Quantum Light Practitioner Training, which begins in July. Enjoy these two highly energetically infused transmissions.

With joy and delight,
Thoth and the Council of Light

P.S. Are you feeling called to position yourself in 2018 for a Quantum Leap in consciousness? Are you ready to contribute your part of the sequence for the larger evolution of consciousness and to partner with Beings of Light in Light? Check out Divine Light Activation here.

P.P.S. Be on the lookout for our 2018 curriculum and off the chart energetic opportunities coming soon.


December Energy Trends:

Enhance Opulent Bliss with this Sound Bath Video

Thoth and a Venus Council of Light, including the Hathors and the Venus Ray of Opulent Bliss share about this month’s energy trends. December energies invite you to move into greater multidimensionality so you can amplify your forward momentum. To expand vertically, horizontally and also in spirals. This positions you to turn on and widen your capacity to experience joy, pleasure, and bliss in your incarnation and also in your energy and Light Being self.

  • 2017 has been a year to ignite, to turn on, to evolve.
  • The Council also shares a sneak peek into 2018 energies.
  • Light Language and Sound Bath to expand into greater states of Opulent Bliss.


Divine Light Activation Introduction:

Audio Gift (Light Language Translated into English)

You are Divine, a Light Being. You have a vision that you came to the Earth Star to actualize. You are a vibrational recognizer, on a treasure hunt for that which you have left for yourself to find. Sometimes you know the items on your treasure hunt when you see them and sometimes you become more aware of what is yours and what isn’t by going a bit deeper into a state of exploration.

Enjoy this Divine Light Activation Introduction audio transmission below, which includes a powerful Light Language transmission translated into English.

Ready to take a step forward for a Quantum Leap in consciousness?


Learn More about Divine Light Activation Here

Divine Light Activation

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