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Consciousness on Demand
Video Sessions Series


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After asking, commanding, meditating for a powerful, elegant and easy tool to experience life with ease, abundance and magic, I received the formula to create this Consciousness on Demand Video Sessions series.

Think of them as accelerated sessions of consciousness, as a reconnection to Source and all of your infinite potential.

Have you been asking for this?

Have you wanted to work with Divine Transmissions and receive customized support?

Each 5+ minute video session* includes powerful Divine Transmissions direct from Source to you. Choose your favorite topics or purchase the entire series of 8 and become the Space where Grace, Potency, Money, Magic, Possibility, Divinity, Joy and Clarity Reside.

How does it get any better than that?

I know how…your first Video Session: Space of Grace (below) is my gift to you.  Plus, the remaining seven are cost ($25) and time efficient (5-8 minutes). Receive instant access with purchase.

These transmissions were recorded encoded with the energies, consciousness, divinity codes, initiations, transmissions and elevations that support you in a customized manner open up to remembering the space of the infinite being that you are. Please note the energies are full on, so go into playing this with the same focus you would in receiving an initiation, energy session, Darshan, Shaktipat, Divine Transmission…

*Play each video in a quiet environment while focusing on receiving and being the space of grace or possibility or money… Repeating the videos builds and expands your results. Try watching one video 4 times a day (9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm or before/after meals and at bedtime) for 3 days in a row. Enjoy

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Consciousness On Demand Video Series

-Receive this Gift of Grace-

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Space of Grace: 
Become the Location of Elegance, Beauty, Magic and 
Seemingly Effortless Fulfillment & Ease.

Full Package 8 VideosPotencyMoneyMagicPossibilitySpaciousnessJoyClarity


video sample pkg

Full Package of 8 Videos 

Space of Grace, Potency, Money, Magic, Possibility, Divinity, Joy and Clarity

$170 USD

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CD PotencySpace of Potency 

Empower, Generate, & Realize Your Potent Purpose. Empowerment, Fertility, Potent. This Divine Transmissions is designed to open the space for your full potency (potential, purpose and power) to be remembered as you and through you now and always. Be the empowered creator being that you truly are and generate the life of your choice. Occupy your full space and show up fully for yourself and as the infinite being that you are.

$25 USD

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CD MoneyMoney Space

Receive, Amplify & Have Money Now.  Opens receptivity, amplifies the life enhancing, purpose championing energy of money in your life. Allowance of money to support your journey.

$25 USD

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CD Magic

Space of Magic

Utilize, Maximize & Magnetize Your Magic & Live a Brilliant, Resplendent & Enchanted Life.  Magic is the space of divine realization. This transmission supports your system in activating the Infinite synchronicities, possibilities, manifestations, experiences, dreams…your infinite being knows how to generate with zest, pep, ease and joy.

$25 USD
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CD Possibility

Space of Possibility

Open to the Infinite Potentiality For Positive Results Based in Freedom, Flexibility & Full PlayPossibility is the energetic template of infinity. It opens you and your world up to unexpected money, joy and opportunities from the universe. It is the encoded energy of FREEDOM.

 $25 USD

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CD SpaciousnessDivine Spaciousness

Know Yourself as The Divine, Infinite Being that You Are~ Magnificent, Delightful & Re-Sourced.  Your are a Divine being, infinite, eternal and creative. This transmission supports your physical body and Divinity to be energetically in the same dimensional space so you can access the infinite knowing, being and having that you are, know and be. Choose to be Re-Sourced and demand your Divine Spaciousness. Occupy your full space.

$25 USD

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CD JoySpace of Joy

Access, Ignite, Calibrate to JOY. Enjoy, Laugh, Sing & Vibrate Yourself into a Permanent Portal of Happiness. Spark the core ignition of your natural state of joy, bliss, fun and happiness as your expanded state of alignment and choice. Receive the space of joy from the Hathor’s and Divine light.

$25 USD

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CD Clarity

Space of Clarity

Re-Claim Your Full Awareness, Direct Knowing, Intuition and Psychic Abilities & Move Forward with Confidence, Coherence & Focus. Awaken to your birthright of intuition, knowing, seeing, feeling, hearing, guidance, communication with the angels, spirit guides, Source. Access your awareness, psychic abilities and innate capacities to have total clarity and ease in all decisions, choices and situations.

This transmission was recorded encoded with the energies, consciousness, divinity codes, initiations, transmissions and elevations that support you in a customized manner open up to remembering the space of infinite being that you are.

$25 USD

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