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30 Minute Audio Transmission and

 Interview to explore the benefits of this life evolving program

Thoth's Magic Academy
Thoth’s Magic Academy

1:1 Vibrational Coaching Support
Are you feeling called to Thoth’s Magic Academy?

Are you wondering if it is a perfect match for you?

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We get that entering into a Year and a Day engagement with Thoth and the Magic Academy Faculty of Light Beings is a deep commitment of your devotion, time, energy and resources. That it is a high level invitation to evolve your consciousness and your life. One that you want to ensure is a match for you and what you are choosing in your life.

Would you like some personalized support in discerning if the Magic Academy is a good match for unity consciousnessyou?

Would you like to enter into conversation with us to gain greater clarity for yourself and be supported in the process?

Magic and YOU. Opening to this relationship and having more magic in your life can be your choice.  All of us in Divine Transmissions are here to assist you with succeeding with that empowering choice.  By meeting with you 1:1 we can learn more about you and what best serves your process.  

During the hour of your 1:1 Vibrational Coaching, you’ll be held in Sacred Space to share your story, your truths and your desires.  Your questions regarding your participation in the Magic Academy will be answered.  We’ll explore together how well matched the multidimensional team of The Magic Academy is with your heart’s desires.

We are honored to offer this gift to you.  Creating the time and container to know you and support you to serve you playing full out in your life is why we are here.

This is an exchange of our time and focus so we ask that you engage with us first by answering the following three questions.  Once we’ve received your responses, we’ll have better understanding and promise to get back with you within 48 hours with the best way to proceed.

We look forward the deepening of our relationship with you.

Thank you,

The Magic Academy Multidimensional Team

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Please take a breath, tune into your awareness and if you would like to explore joining the program respond to the following questions.