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Chateau Puivert

Choosing 2 Love YOU

Chateau Puivert


Hello Dear One,

This is Thoth, with the Council of Light and the Hathors that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine transmission. We are delighted to be continuing the re-creation of the light and love bodies together through this holographic journey. It is one in which the power places and land in France is contributing to you and you are also contributing to the power places in France. For that we are delighted.

             As your journey continues we arrive at the Chateau Puivert for a reclaiming of your capacity to choose to be the Divine Being that you are, if you choose. This may have seemed like a choice that was taken away from you at one point. Yet remember that there is no assertion in the universe only agreement. Meaning that no matter what has played out in the old paradigm of relationships including power over and power under or victim and perpetrator that these separation consciousness experiences always happen in alignment with free will and conscious/or preconscious choice.


             With that being said Chateau Puivert is a very special place, a place of celebration and music. A place of unicorns and Mary Magdalene. A place of the Knights of the Templars and the Troubadours and the switch from pre-arranged love matches to chosen ones.

There are several rooms in the sacred castle. Each connected with spiral staircases, some ascending, some descending. You may feel as you journey to this castle that there is one that speaks to you right away. Perhaps it is the root cellar, where just as in your body you first said yes to this incarnation and the soul anchors into the root chakra, the perineum, anus, the souls of the feet, the ankles and the legs. If you choose to begin at the ground level, there is the possibility to reclaim your root in your Divine self. To shift from your yes to life being anchored in tribal consciousness. To having your yes to life be anchored in your Divine incarnation.

Yet before any choice is made or unmade, we would invite you to imagine that as you walk through an archway towards this sacred castle that it acts like a pathway to open up a new dimensional access to consciousness that you are now ready to connect with.


Mary Magdalene

As you walk through this archway have the awareness of your soul light being illuminated, that it is like walking into the Akashic Records of your soul’s journey. You may imagine that this archway opens up into a hallway with stone walls, with the Akashic Records opening and being placed on the walls like paintings, tablets or mirrors that you can read. That you are in a pop-up book of your soul’s incarnations. As you take more steps towards the castle and this possible choice to say yes to re-incarnating as your full Divine self, we would invite you to read the walls of this sacred temple. To be in the state of luminous light, to be in the state of Divine love.

             This energy is streaming in and through and around you. You are in and through and around this Divine consciousness. As there is this walking through the halls of your records find the record where you chose to not choose. Find the record where you gave away your choice to another, which was the choice of not choosing or of giving it away. For there is always the consciousness of Divine light. This is unfolding in such a way that you are walking up to the record where you chose to not choose.

             Find yourself face to face with this record like a mirror on the wall or a painting on the wall. Stand and face this choice to not choose you, not to love you. Face this choice to not choose you. This choice to cover up your capacity to choose. As you are streaming into the delight of all that there is, you are in the universal awareness of being able to receive the deeper meanings of that choosing to not choose…

             Now that you have absorbed the deeper meanings of this choice not to choose, we would invite you to be in the conscious choice of making a new choice. That your free will and conscious choice in this moment can override any previous choice. If you choose, would you choose to fully reactivate your capacity to choose? If yes, continue with this transmission, if no, be with this Akashic Record and garner even more from it.

             If you have chosen to reclaim your capacity to choose have an awareness of the records rearranging themselves and a new record coming on the wall of this ancient walkway towards the castle. This new record is one of giving away your power to someone else to know what is better for you than you would know for yourself, including arranging a marriage for you. If you choose, with your new capacity, would you reclaim that you know what is best for you? That it is no longer necessary to have an intercessor or a parent, or spouse or king, or teacher or light being to access your Divine connection. If you choose, reclaim your Divine knowing, your inner knowing.

             As you do, the Akashic Records rearrange once again. And a third record comes forward. Take a few moments to be with this record, because it is just for you. What do you notice with it? What is it sharing with you? Who are you in the stream of all that there is? Take some moments to be with this record and notice what it has to share with you consciously or unconsciously. As you feel complete with this record continue through this archway into one of the chambers in this castle.

             Perhaps it is the chamber on the ground level, the root, where you can choose to say yes to being the Divine you incarnate. Perhaps it is the heart, the courts of love, where you can choose to move from being told who or what to love, to choosing to love yourself, the Divine and all that there is. That the choice to choose your spiritual belief rather than it be chosen for you, is also available in this court of love. For not only has the choice of whom to be married to shifted in this space to be chosen love, the choice of whom or what to believe has also shifted from being prescribed to you to being chosen by you.

             Gone are the days that just because the family lineage you chose to incarnate into held a certain belief or nonbelief that that meant you had to believe it or not believe it. Are you choosing to choose your spiritual or consciousness path? Or not? Perhaps you were raised Catholic and now you’re a Buddhist. Perhaps you were raised atheist and you are choosing Judaism. Perhaps there is your choice to also reclaim your full awareness of your love of the Divine. That is not under a particular lineage or religion or guru? If you are drawn to this chamber have the awareness of the choice to reclaim your spiritual sovereignty or not?

             You may be drawn to another chamber, the chamber of the sacred sound, where the Hathors and Mary Magdalene and Jeshua and the unicorns dance and sing and celebrate. If you are drawn to this chamber it may be to choose to live your life for the joy of it. It may be to choose to express your bliss even in the face of those that would not “allow” it. Or perhaps there is something else for you in this chamber…

             We would invite you to spend as much time in any of these three rooms as you are called. You may find that you have another calling as well, somewhere on this sacred land. Know that the Divine is celebrating your love of self as well. Take all the time you would like to be at Chateau Puivert, perhaps you may even choose to spend a 12-hour cycle of the light or love body resting in your awareness of being in this castle. Perhaps you feel complete right away. Know that you being here has simultaneously awakened and completed energies that this sacred castle was asking to awaken and complete.

All is Divine light and you are all,

Thoth, The Council of Light and The Hathors

Divine Light Activation

The choice to re-incarnate, within this incarnation, as a Being of Light incarnate is being placed on the altar. Specifically, to engage in a revolutionary light technology that includes 22 Divine Light Activations to actualize the vision that you carry as a Light Being. September’s Divine Light Activation is being held at the sacred sites in Southern France and can also be held via bi-location from your home. 

The purpose of this Divine Light Activation is to contribute to the Divine Expansion project. This may call to you if you have a sense that part of what you are up to on a soul level is expanding Divine consciousness. The Divine, Source, God, Goddess, All That There Is, Infinite Oneness is expanding. The Divine isn’t done, or static, the Divine is ever expanding. The Divine Expansion project specifically calls to those who have a mission to not only be contributing to individuals, groups, the Earth Star, the Multiverse yet specifically to be contributing directly to the Divine. 

What you choose in this incarnation expands the Divine. The choice to reincarnate as a Being of Light Incarnate also expands your consciousness infinitely. Feeling called to explore this more fully?

Go here for more information and submit your application (if you are called) and experience the Divine Light Activation # 1 for yourself.


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