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Thoth’s Magic Academy

April Energy Trends

This is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are delighting in continuing our conversation about the monthly energy trends for 2017. To summarize the first quarter: January was an invitation to BE ALL IN in a few areas of your choosing, February was about positioning and repositioning to be in those optimal energy streams and possibilities and March was about taking a Quantum Leap.
      We would say that the Quantum Shift in March may have felt at times a bit “crunchy” as there was a circling back to positioning to that which you are ALL IN with. You may have found yourself asking if your compass was truly set to what matters most to you, or experienced delays, un-preferred experiences, or intense emotions. March energy trend overflowed into the first few weeks in April. In the past week the new wave of Spring Energy Trends is coming online and have to do with creating the infrastructures for the energy of what matters most to you to come into form.
     As such you can open the way to actualize that which is in energy or consciousness into “form” by providing the pathways for your choices to land. For example, if you are choosing to catch a fish, then having a net for the fish to be caught in is an infrastructure. If your net has a hole in it then even if you “receive” your fish it bounces out again.
     We would invite you to be paying attention in retrospect for what has already occurred for you in April. Can you see this theme of recalibrating and creating the actual runways or pathways that will garner what you are choosing? Can you see that there is the invitation to also release that which you may have been holding so that your hands are free for what you are really choosing?
     We would complete at this time inviting you to notice that pathways and infrastructures can take many forms. You have pathways of thinking, you have infrastructures in place in your relationships with others, yourself and money. Open your hands and create the pathways so that which you truly desire has a place and a space and pathway to become actualized.

Advanced (Re)-Introduction to Thoth and Unity Consciousness Initiation

A Playground for Your Evolution

thoths magic academyDear one, it is I, Thoth and the Council of Light Beings, that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission.
We are gathering in response to your asking, in response to your calling. You have an awareness that you are living during an extraordinary time, one in which there is an evolution of consciousness from lack and separation to Unity and inclusion. You also know that you have a role to play in this evolution and that what used to apply or work in the old paradigm no longer works or applies.
As such there is a process of shedding the known and walking into that, which is not known, yet which is much awaited. You can’t get here from there. So how do you get here (Unity Consciousness)? Well you do so by including all that came before into wholeness and oneness and walking with your inner awareness into your greater yet to be.
That is why we are recommending that you invest in refining your essence and distilling your consciousness to that which is uniquely you and yours. To Be You Full Out Anchored in Unity Consciousness. The answers and energy reside within you and it is through your awakening that you access them.
We have asked Danielle to Divinely Transmit Thoth’s Magic Academy to be a playground for your evolution. To be a place where you can show up each day for a Year and a Day to place your awareness on your internal environment, on your energy and your consciousness. A place where you can receive consciousness from a panel of Light Beings who are transmitting from Unity Consciousness. As we engage in this level of high frequency and awareness you embody your light, radiance and inner awareness.
This isn’t a program where you are taught a certain system, or step-by step formula to achieve a certain outcome. Rather it is an environment that engages your essence at the highest level, inviting you to show up fully as the multidimensional being that you are. From our perspective the earth doesn’t need another follower, rather it is time for each individual to access what has been within all of the time. We are here in response to your calling and your asking. Imagine what will unfold for you by spending time together each day for a Year and a Day.
Are you ready to?
  • Have an in-depth conversation with a Team of Light Beings about the evolution of Consciousness into Unity?

How do you keep support out?

Divine Transmissions

It is I Thoth and Sanat Kamara, a member of the galactic council of light, that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. As you are aware of, this time on earth is one in which there is a revolutionary awakening that is occurring. This awakening is one in which you are reaping that which you have sowed in previous incarnations. As such it is a time in which there is ample support available to you, including the support of your soul and multidimensional self as well as the support of Light Beings such as ourselves.