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Choosing to Love YOU

Chateau Puivert

Choosing 2 Love YOU

Chateau Puivert


Hello Dear One,

This is Thoth, with the Council of Light and the Hathors that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine transmission. We are delighted to be continuing the re-creation of the light and love bodies together through this holographic journey. It is one in which the power places and land in France is contributing to you and you are also contributing to the power places in France. For that we are delighted.

Amplify Your Soul’s Purpose

Guided Meditation to Amplify Your Soul’s Purpose
Excerpted from the book
The Temples of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman
Karnak—Inner Resonance:
Your journey leads you to the temple of Karnak where you will connect to your signature energy, your soul’s purpose. You’ll experience an amplification of your unique signature thread, your individual signature energy. Your origin is source, but your way of expressing source is as unique as your handwriting signature.

Embodying your signature energy and your soul’s purpose will allow you to have a very clear, defined structure for self-expression. It also will give you permission to accept all of who you are, including the parts you don’t necessarily like. This way you can access your birthright of being a Creator Being and tap into the potent energies of creation to actualize that which you are choosing at this time. Be sure to tune in when you are able to go as deep as you like and also have a few minutes of integration time after listening.  Enjoy!  

Journey to the Sacred Lake at Karnak Guided Meditation

Pilgrimage by Surrogate

A man in a white shirt stunned beauty of the lakeHave you heard of the Latin phrase Solvitur Ambulando – “It is solved by walking” (attributed to St. Augustine)?
Being an avid hiker myself when I came across this phrase recently it deeply resonated with me. The clarity, joy and healing I receive from walking, taking pilgrimages to sacred sites and being in nature is profound.
Have you heard of the words surrogate or proxy? Meaning to appoint another as a replacement for oneself; a person authorized to act on behalf of another, a substitute, or stand-in.
While on a hike last week I got a download from Thoth about the ancient remembering of Pilgrimage by Surrogate- to dedicate a pilgrimage to someone(s) and walk in their steed. (Wow, holy guacamole, that is why I love hanging with him).
This remembering made so much sense to me, after years of working with people remotely and watching the incredible success and transformation they experience. Plus having the blessing of taking people in person to sacred sites and the witnessing magic, miracles, and extraordinary results, the combination of the two feels super potent.
In these innovative and leading edge times the opportunity to receive the benefits of a sacred pilgrimage from a distance and by proxy are infinitely multidimensional.
Are you feeling called to find out more? Check out the info below about the inaugural Pilgrimage by Surrogate happening in just a few weeks in Southern France/wherever you live. And be sure to tune into the article below, which explains more about the Power of Proxy.
What would you have us dedicate your pilgrimage by proxy to? Enhancing your health, clarity, business, abundance, relationships, connection to Source, being bliss, healing for a loved one or______________?

My 2011 Sojourn to Southern France

Southern France 2011 – Heaven on Earth

As I journeyed to Southern France in 2011 for a 3-week sojourn I was ready for an upgrade in my consciousness. I had the feeling that I had filled my current state of mind to the brim and was stretching beyond what was previously known to me and out of my comfort zone. Upon my arrival I was almost immediately whisked into a state of absolute peace, contentment and fulfillment. My usually active mind was still. My inner drive to accomplish my mission in this lifetime was transformed into a sense of peace. I would go for hours without speaking, or really seeming to have any thoughts, just simply floating in an absolute sense of peace. The experiential knowingness that life is simply Heaven on Earth (NOW).

My Sojourn to Southern France-September 2009

After reading Peter Mayle’s book A Year in Provence, listening to other spiritual seekers about their France pilgrimages and learning through my astrological chart that this region was in my top 3 on the planet I was envisioning at the very least an experience of utopia and was hopeful for even more. In my mind I tasted the exquisite food, saw the beautiful nature and felt a palpable sense of serenity and union with the divine. I was primed for an experience of a lifetime.   Have you ever had a clear vision of how something will go and then once it actually happens be completely surprised by the difference between the imagined experience and the actual one? Well welcome to my sojourn in France. The blue sky living of the Provence lived up to its beauty and radiance the nature was lush and nurturing. The food was out of this world (sometimes literally-I had no idea what I was eating) yet my naive idea of instant utopia was soon replaced with deep, transformative inner work.